RBS Exam

Which crime is often related to alcohol use?

sexual assault

Whose responsibility is it to act as gatekeeper in regard to the community's ability to obtain alcohol in public establishments?

the alcohol server

Which condition is associated with alcohol-impaired driving?

Impaired judgement

When alcohol is mixed with ______ the side effects can range from discomfort to death.

medications or recreational drugs

What is the best way to sober up an intoxicated person?

only time will sober up an intoxicated person

What does "BAC" mean?

blood alcohol concentration

Which statement is true regarding people with a high tolerance to alcohol?

they are better at hiding their intoxication

Eating food while drinking alcohol may

slow down the rate of intoxication.

The use of foul language is an example of

lowering inhibitions

Which statement about alcohol's path through the human body is true?

no digestion is needed in alcohol absorption

What is the primary purpose of ABC's T.R.A.C.E. program?

identify and investigate where persons under 21 years of age obtained alcohol and who was killed or obtained serious injury or accident

It is unlawful for a person who has _____ percent or more, by weight, of alcohol in his/her blood to drive a vehicle.

0.08 bac

When can a 19-year old legally serve alcoholic beverages in a restaurant?

when the server's primary responsibilities is to serve food

Which type of cannabis use is legal at an onsite alcohol establishment?

use of cannabis products are not permitted in onsite alcohol establishments

A non-profit organization has obtained a temporary daily on-sale license for a fundraiser. Who within the organization has to be RBS certified?

the alcohol pourers

The failure of a licensee to comply with the RBS program requirements shall be grounds for

disciplinary action.

Security personnel, whose post is located outside the entrance to an alcohol establishment, has the primary responsibility to control the number of patrons entering and to check their IDs. Does the bouncer need to be certified?

Yes, because security personnel check IDs.

Infractions are punishable by


What does "RBS" mean?

Responsible Beverage Service

What is the maximum penalty for serving alcohol after hours?

6 months in jail

A member of a group of patrons becomes obviously intoxicated. What should the server do?

inform the other group members that the obviously intoxicated patron will no longer be served alcohol

A legally acceptable ID has which characteristic?

issued by a government agency

Which statement regarding state issued identification cards is true?

they are a valid proof of age

PCP is an example of a(n)


Which substance is considered a depressant?


What is embossed on the holder's picture on a California Real ID?

their birthdate

Which feature is located on the back of a valid California driver license?


When should a server check a patron's ID?

prior to serving alcohol to the patron

A server may seize any identification presented by a person that is fake, so long as

a receipt is given to the person from whom the fake ID is seized

Upon seizing a fake ID, the alcohol establishment must give the fake ID to local law enforcement authorities within

24 hours

What happens when an alcohol server serves alcohol to a minor after inspecting a fake ID and reasonably concluding it to be valid?

the alcohol server has a defense against prosecution

Which technique is best for determining the validity of an ID?

ompare the signature on the ID to a fresh signature given by the ID holder

When refusing alcohol service to a patron, the server should do so


When refusing alcohol service to a patron, the server should do so


Which form of ID is NOT acceptable for determining a person's age?

interim state issued driver license

When is a work-issued ID valid for purchasing alcohol?


A youthful appearing patron presents an expired ID and wants to purchase alcohol. Based on best practices, what should the server do?

tell the patron that you cannot serve him/her alcohol

What is the most valid reason for refusing service to a patron?

The patron cannot provide a valid ID

Which is an indicator of a false ID?

card is too thick

An administrative violation occurs on an ABC licensed premises, _____ of that premises is at risk for administrative penalties.

the license

One of the benefits of establishing policies for the service of alcoholic beverages is that it

provides a safe and comfortable space for patrons and employees.

When an obviously intoxicated patron decides to leave your establishment, what best practice should you observe?

Suggest the patron use a ride service to get to his/her next destination.

Which promotion is considered discriminatory?

ladies' drinks are half off

Which is considered a good hospitality practice when serving alcoholic beverages?

slowing the beverage service down to the patron if needed

Where would the licensee be able to look online to see if their server is RBS certified?

the ABC RBS database

Frequent calls for service to local law enforcement by an on-premises licensee may result in

suspension of alcohol license.

What does "ABV" mean?

Alcohol by volume

Which of these is not a policy for monitoring the behavior of minors seeking alcohol service?

minors finding secluded locations in the premises where employees cannot monitor their activities

What information should be documented in an incident log?

names and addresses