8. I can talk about relationships


A relationship with someone you know, trust, and regard with affection

make friends

form friendly relationships

get on well with

to have a good relationship with someone OPP not get on with sb

rely on sb

feel sure that sb will do what they say they will doSYN depend on sbAdj reliable

Trust sb

believe sb is good and won't hurt you


being a friend to sb, even in difficult times. (OPP) disloyal


A sociable person likes the company of other people OPP antisocial

keep in touch

stay in contact by speaking or writing to each other

old friend

someone you have known for a long time

close friend

someone you know and like very much

get to know sb

meet sb a number of times and become friends

one another

each other

get together

meet for a social reason

go wrong

used when a problem happens in a situation or relationship

Realize sth

begin to understand sth that you didn't know before

have nothing in common

have no interests that are the same. OPP have a lot in common

regret sth/doing sth

feel sorry about sth you did or didn't do

split up with sb

stop being in a romantic relationship with sb

to go out with sb, to date sb

have sb as a boyfriend or girlfriend

In a serious relationship

having a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend

fall out with someone

to argue with someone and stop being friendly with them

had a row with

have an angry discussion OPP argued with