Unit 3

barrier (n)

a rule, problem etc that prevents people from doing ST, or limits what they can do

burden (n)

ST difficult or worrying that you are responsible for

confusion (n)

when you do not understand what is happening or what something means because it is not clear

contradiciton (n)

a difference between two statements, beliefs, or ideas about something that means they cannot both be true

frustration (n)

the feeling of being annoyed, upset or impatient because you cannot control

guidance (n)

help and advice that is given to someone about their work, education, or personal life

initiation (n)

action that causes something, especially an important process or event, to begin

isolation (n)

when one group, person, or thing is separate from others

marker (n)

an object, sign etc that shows the position of ST

milestone (n)

an important event

satisfaction (n)

feeling pleased when you accomplish ST

sibling (n)

brother or sister

carefree (n)

having no worries or problems

assume (v)

to think that ST is true, although you do not have definite proof

contribute (v)

give money or help

pinpoint (v)

to discover or explain exactly the real facts about something or the cause of a problem

resent (v)

to feel bitter or upset

reverse (v)

turning in the opposite direction

run (v)

ran, run

transition (v)


morally (adv)

according to principles of good behavior and what is considered to be right or wrong

in charge of (phr)

in control or with overall responsibility