CSet Practice

Water cycle?


2.Rain drop and gravity-which direction will it fall?


What makes grass green or give it a green color?


Why is it colder in the central valley in the winter than on the coast in CA?

It is warmer at the central coast

5. Why does the ocean not freeze as fast as a lake?

Fresh water freezes at 32 degrees, seawater freezes at 28.4 degrees because of the salt in it.Salty seawater is denser than freshwater.

What would happen if a plant was watered with ocean or salt water?

If a plant is watered with saltwater it will wilt, if too much water is lost during osmosis theplant will die.

From the Northern Hemisphere, what place would experience the longest amount ofdaylight? Or the question was, where was the longest day experienced or the sun the longest-JuneSolstice?✔

Anchorage, Alaska


constantly changing.They are beneficial to survive.

Polaris View

North Star, the Earth is pointed directly at it, stars circle around it, it does not move,northern direction, Earth rotates

Compared to the waters of the continental shelf, the surface waters of the open ocean aregenerally much less productive in because they?,

Lack nutrients derived from the land or ocean sediment on the seabed

Natural selection has to do with variations, overpopulation, competitor and reproduction.Adaptations/variations to the environment is crucial for survival, cannot recall the question but it wasmultiple choice and the options were animals I believe .

A process that causes populations to change over time

Northern hemisphere and winter, I cannot recall the exact question (Position of Polaris in thenorthern hemisphere during the winter solstice✔

Earth's poles is most tilted away the sun

Physical Weathering,

Frost in granite or rock (something like that)

Function of a cell. A question about what is produced in the nucleus

RNA is replicated by the DNA template

a student created a model of methanol representing an atomic***structure what is the model representing?

neutrons and protons are in the center.

Which of the following is the most acidic?

lemonade (ph level of 2.3).

El Nino's effects on seagulls/fish/fisheries (warms the water)

El Niño reduces the upwelling of cold water off the coast of the Americas. When thishappens, fish either die or migrate into areas where they'll find more to eat. With the fish gone,seabirds that depend on them may die or go elsewhere. Kelp forests are often destroyed bystorms and ocean swells.

What is the equation for cellular respiration?balanced chemical eq


In the Northern Hemisphere, on a day in the winter solstice, which place experiences the longestamount of sunlight?

San Francisco, CA (9 hours)

Members of what group act as Decomposers?,5/27


What would a cell look like if it's a muscle cell?

Long and tubular(skeletal)

What has the most ocean life?

sunlit zone

The North Star, is it the brightest star? Does it stay in the same spot every day?

not brightest, stays in the same spot

Renewable energy, what starts as kinetic energy then goes to mechanical or electric energetic? ***Option on my test was just windmill,

Windmill wind turbine

Which of the following changes is an example of natural selection

The percent of beetles that are genetically darker in color increases in populations that expandfrom prairie into forest.

In lab handling which substances creates most safety concerns

Volatile solvent acetone