History and Approaches

Father of Psychology

Wihelm Wundt

Father of Functionalism

William James

Father of Behaviorism

John B Watson

Father of Pschoanalysis

Sigmund Freud


method of gathering info in the mind

When was structuralism first studied


When was functionalism first studied

late 1800s

When was behaviorism first studied

early 1900s

What was gestalt first studied


When was psychoanalysis first studied


What is structuralism

The structure of the mind. What's in there?

What is functionalism

Why we do what we do

What is behaviorism

Only environment influences behavior. No room for cognition and no room for emotion

What is geltalt

The way we make sense of our world - perceptual rules

What is psychoanalysis

Origin of human behavior - unconscious mind and childhood experience

What is the biological approach

Physical brain and body, brain chemicals, hormones

What is the behavioral approach

rewards and punishments - learning

What is the cognitive approach

Thinking, interpret, perceive

What is the humanistic approach

:) free will

What is the socio-cultural approach

Society's norms

What is the psychodynamic approach

Unconscious mind and childhood experience

What is the evolutionary approach

Reproduction, attraction, relationships

Who were the women that James admitted to grad seminar

Mary Caulkins and Margaret Washburn

What is prenology

the study of the lumps and bumps on the skull to determine personality and mental illness

Who is the father of medicine