Puffs Scene one

Leanne: Guys. Guess what? WE'RE ALL WIZARDS

J. Finch: Hey, we should all introduce ourselves! I'm J. Finch Fletchley. I'm boyish and fun!

Susie Bones: I'm Susie Bones. Once upon a time my entire family was murdered. Except for my aunt

Sally Perks: I'm Sally Perks. And I go to this school

Wayne Hopkins: I'm Wayne. I've read the Silmarilon, twice

Erin Mac: who's tha? It's me, ERINE Mac! I'm basically the best so hi!

Hannah: ...who's that? It's me...Hannah. I'm Hannah

Leanne: I was raised in a cabin by my grandparents and you're the first other children I've ever seen, oh and I'm a wizard my name is Leanne

Oliver Rivers: um, Oliver Rivers, and I'm just here to keep my head down and get a fundamental understanding of wiarding basics

Megan Jones: Megan Jones. Yep that's right. Just so we're clear. I'm not like you. Any of you. So leave me alone!