Skeletal Procedures - NMTCB Exam Review

Bone Imaging:- radiopharms? (2)-dose -mechanism of action?(both same) (1)

- 99m Tc -Medronate (MDP)-99m Tc- Oxidronate (HDP) - both 20-30mCi-phosphorous groups of the tracer exchange into the Ca2+ of the Hydroxyapatite Crystal

Bone Imaging:- 99m Tc -Medronate (MDP) key advantage?

- Has Faster Blood Clearence

Bone Imaging:- 99m Tc -Oxidronate (HDP) key advantage?

- has more bone uptake

Bone Imaging:ptnt prep:- how many ounces should ptnt drink b4 study during circulation of tracer? - what shld ptnt do b4 scan?

- 2x 8oz (16oz) - VOID

Bone Imaging:Imaging:- when can the first image be done after trace admin.? - waht images can be done?

- 2hr- Spot images, WB, SPECT, can all be done to aquire data: done as indicated per protocol

Bone Imaging:ABnormal Image findings: - increased areas of tracer activity can occur in? (4) give examples!

- neoplastic desease (both primary and mestastatic)- Inflammatory processes (osteomyelitis)- Metabolic disease (Paget's Disease)- Arthritic Changes or breaks/fractures

Bone Imaging:ABnormal Image findings CONT'D: - Extraosseous activity is seen where? (5 places)

- renal abnormalities- soft tissue inflammtion (surgical sites)-neoplastic masses- female boobies- Acute Myocardial Infraction (so the heart)

Bone Imaging:ABnormal Image findings CONT'D: FOR MULTI-PHASE BONE IMAGING (4th PHASE)- when is 4th phase done? - why is it done?

- after 24 post tracer inj- because cellutis and osteomyelitis demonstrate INCREASED activity on early imagesHOWEVER!!!- in 4th phase: osteomyelitis will PERSIST w. tracer uptake in 24hr delayed images