employability skills terms


positive work behaviors and personal qualities which make individuals more likely to gain employment and succeed in their chosen career


specific style of behavior in the workplace


style of speaking or behaving

effective communication

transferring information from one place to another, whether it is vocally, written, visually or non-verbally

ethical behaviors

values or standards which direct the way individuals interact with others

Academic Preparation

required for professional advancement; consist of the desire and ability for life long learning

critical thinking

being able to evaluate arguments and information quickly, solve problems creatively and identify mistakes with efficiency

problem solving

requires gathering reliable information, assessing the information for answers and selecting a suitable solution based on the situation


working effectively and efficiently with others


ability to motivate people to accomplish a better results for an organization

time management

ability to plan and execute control over the amount of time spent on specific activities to effectively accomplish goals in a timely manner

stress management

ability to cope with job stress which benefits ab individuals personal and professional life