Intro Chapter 2 test

Hazardous Material

any material that can cause serious physical harm or pose a risk to the environment

hazardous substance

A substance of hazardous materials that poses a threat to waterways and the environment

right-to-know laws

laws that require employers to advise employees about the hazardous chemicals they use

Material Safety Data Sheet

a sheet containing information about the safe use of a chemical and the steps to take in case of an accident

hazardous waste

Any material that can be harmful to human health or the environment if it is not properly disposed of

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

To enable the EPA to control and manage hazardous waste generators

volatile organic compounds

hydrocarbons that are released into the air and are extremely flammable


the primary component of smog

force sheild

a device is worn to protect the face and eyes from airborne hazards

safety glasses

protective eyewear

eye bath

use to clean eyes of any chemical or hazards in the air

Noise intensity

the loudness of the noise. Too great an intensity can be harmful

barrier cream

hand creams that provide some protection and soothe the skin when working with irritating materials

nitrile gloves

protective gloves are commonly used when working with paints, solvents,catalysts and fillers

safety shoes

steel toe shoes


lint-free paint resist-absorption



hard hat

Used to protect your head

carbon monoxide

a deadly gas formed during the burning of fuel

Air-Purifying Respirator (APR)

A respirator that removes contaminants by passing ambient air through a filter, cartridge, or canister; may have a full or partial facepiece.


container of chemicals designed to remove specific vaper and gases from breathing air

Atmosphere-supplied respirators

protection and added mobility over the word

machine guards

a device used to prevent personnel from coming into contact with moving parts of a machine