Small Intestine (Twicken)

SI 1


SI 3

master point of the du channel. pain in the spine, musculoskeletal issues, vertex or taiyang headaches.

SI 4

yuan source point

SI 5

jing river point, fire point, horary point

SI 6

XI CLEFT point (acute pain, blood stag, bleeding related to organ - DUODENAL ULCER). issues with eyes + ears (SI channel goes that direction). can also be used for wrist pain (local)

SI 7

LUO POINT. blood, emotions. clearing emotions related to heart!! (yang energy to clear heart shen excess). treats TORTICOLLIS (stiff neck)

SI 8

He Sea point. Organ, earth point, sedation point, he sea point. elbow pain

SI 11

local pain, chest. good for releasing rotator cuff muscles, inferior scapular muscles.

SI 12

wind, TAIYANG/SHAOYANG (will clear an exterior pathogen that's on the verge of going deeper)

SI 18

local point on the face (WIND) - trigeminal neuralgia, jaw pain, bell's palsy, deviated mouth post-stroke, twitching. also for leg pain

SI 19

LOCAL - (eyes/ears) treat the ears, pain, hearing issues, toothache