Chapter 18 & 20

what instrument is used to condense material in the tooth?

plastic feeling

What instrument is used to place and remove material from the oral cavity and can open and close cabinet doors?

Cotton Pliers

How long should the topical be left so it is effective?

60 seconds- 3 min

what kind of disc is garnet, sand and cuttlefish?

Sand paper

What instrument removes soft decay?

Spoon exactor

why does the high speed hand piece have the option for water as a coolant?

Removes debris and keeps cool

What is the best way to maintain and sterilize a hand piece?

follow manufacture directions

T or F The hollenback carver is an example of a condenser


what part of the syringe would be used to place a amalgam filling?

Condenser plugger

what instrument measures sulcus depth

periodontal probe

what instrument is a discoid/cleoid


list 4 things a mirror is used for

Indirect vision, reflection of light, transillumination, reflection of tongue ,lip and cheek.