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social stratification

a system by which a society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy

class consciousness

A belief that you are a member of an economic group whose interests are opposed to people in other such groups

Social Exclusion

a sense of powerlessness when individuals feel alienated from society

Social Subjectivity

In social encounters, each person's interpretation or definition of a given situation becomes a subjective reality from that person's viewpoint

Antecedent Predisposition

An antecedent is a stimulus that cues an organism to perform a learned behavior. When an organism perceives an antecedent stimulus, it behaves in a way that maximizes reinforcing consequences and minimizes punishing consequences.Antecedent stimuli that have been paired with reinforcing consequences activate centers of the brain involved in motivation, while antecedents that have been paired with punishing consequences activate brain centers involved in fear

Extinction Burst

The increase in levels of a behavior in the early stages of extinction.

Central Executive

the part of working memory that directs attention and processing

Phonological store

Stores the words you hear, for only up to 2 seconds

Episodic Buffer

storage system that is responsible for getting memory from different parts of the brain

Articulatory rehearsal component

Revives memory traces by rehearsing

Type 1 error

false positive

Type 2 error

false negative


acronyms like APES CIG to help with memory

fusiform gyrus

brain area of the inferior temporal cortex that recognizes faces, uses visual information to identify them

Ruffini cylinder

slow to adapt will fire during constant pressure, will detect stretch, joint activity and warmth

Merkel receptor

will detect mechanical pressure, will fire during constant pressure, position, depth, and static touch features (sharp etc.)

Meissner corpuscle

Fire when pressure is applied and released, detect fine discriminative touch vibration, low frequency

Pacinian corpuscle

Fire when pressure is applied and released, detects pressure and vibration, high frequency