Chorus #3

I laugh in the face of both of those things

Don't forget about us

Who are you

We're the chorus

It's kind of annoying

As long as we all agree, it's much faster this way.

Good thinking. Time is of the essence. As long as you don't start singing

But we heard this was a musical

Well it's not

It'd probably work better as a musical

What do you want? What are you doing here? We're very busy

We think what you and the slave are doing is stupid.

Is that right? And what makes you so qualified?

We're the chorus


We're important

Where have you been this whole time

We were waiting for number 5

I still don't know why I should listen to you

We are the voice of reason. We are the voice of the people

These people?


They look kinda stupid from up here

Stupid enough to pay this much to see a show without any music or dancing

Why do you think what we're doing is stupid

Many reasons

Name one

It's not going to work

Name another

We're a little confused as to your policies

that's all you need to know

What about just wars

I say no wars at all

No wars? No matter what?

Peace is the only answer

But what if you're attacked? Shall you not defend yourselves?

How badly?


Now that's interesting

Just want to make sure we're clear

If we're attacked




Because we really have to get going

For now, we guess. If you need us, we'll be over here... lamenting

Who told you that?


You really are in love with me, aren't you?

Sorry to interrupt. But we need to.

Voice of the people, that sort of thing

Did you miss us?

I forgot about you.

What about me?

the chorus, as a collective whole

But we're all individuals

Why are you speaking in unison

We told you, it's easier

We have a city to populate

Nice wall

Can we get on with it

Right. The thing is, we don't think you're in a position to be judging people

I'm not judging anyone

What about the people outside

They want to be citizens of my city

So now it's your city

It's always been my city

We thought you didn't want to be king

I don't

So, then stop acting like one and let the people in

Why should I let those people in

You shouldn't. You should keep those people out

But how am I supposed to know who those people are without judging them?

You won't

So what are you saying

We don't know

I don't know, we could always have intermissionThat'd buy us some timeExactly

Besides, we have to pee

And most awful things are true

You don't have to be so depressing. This is a comedy after all

I was about to make a point about the nature of theare

Which was

Now I lost my train of thought

What else is new

You think just because you're speaking in unison your voice is more important.

Yes we do. And yes it is

This is my only role

Don't you play Teiresias

Now get out. Out

So touchy

Or rather, where were they?

Under attack!

And that isn't right... That isn't right

They didn't come here to be lectured, they came here to laugh

Your welcome

If you keep Teiresias on stage the whole time, Aristotle can never come back

I have to go now

We'll see you later

I guess

Call us

Where is that kooky chorus anyway

We're right here

I missed ya

Really? You mean it


C'mere Group hug