US History Chapter 3 Vocab

Glorious Revolution

the transfer of the British monarchy from James II to William and Mary in 1688-1689


an 18th-century intellectual movement that emphasized the use of reason and the scientific method as means of obtaining knowledge

Navigation Acts

a series of laws enacted by Parliament, beginning in 1651, to tighten England's control of trade in its American colonies


the legislative body of England

Triangular Trade

the transatlantic system of trade in which goods and people, including slaves, were exchanged between Africa, England, Europe, the West Indies, and the colonies in North America

Sugar Act

a trade law enacted by Parliament in 1764 in an attempt to reduce smuggling in the British colonies in North America


a person who becomes the property of others

Salutary Neglect

an English policy of relaxing the enforcement of regulations in its colonies in return for the colonies' continued economic loyalty


an economic system in which nations seek to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by establishing a favorable balance of trade

Cash Crop

a crop grown by a farmer for sale rather than for personal use