coach (coach bus)

a comfortable bus for carrying passengers over long distances. Travel is by ____ overnight to Berlin


a boat or ship that carries people, vehicles and goods across a river or across a narrow part of the sea. We boarded the ____ at Ostend.

lorry (truck)

a large vehicle for carrying heavy loads by road. Emergency food supplies were brought in by ____.


a vehicle with two wheels and an engine. Ben drove off on his ____.

motorway (highway)

a long, wide road, usually used by traffic travelling fast. The speed limit on ____ should be enforced.


a light motorcycle, usually with small wheels and a curved metal cover at the front to protect the rider's legs. She rides her ____ to work most days.


​a vehicle driven by electricity, that runs on rails along the streets of a town and carries passengers. There is easy access to the centre of the city by ____.

the Underground (subway)

a railway system in which electric trains travel through tunnels below ground. In Boston the ____ is known as the 'T'; in Washington DC it's the'Metro'.


a covered vehicle with no side windows in its back half, usually smaller than a lorry, used for carrying goods or people. A delivery ____ was almost blocking the narrow street.

set off

to begin a journey. We ____ ____ for London just after ten.

end up

​to find yourself in a place or situation at the end of a process or period of time. Always check the address in your satnav or you may ____ ____ in wrong place. If he carries on driving like that, he'll ____ ____ dead.

run out of

to use up or finish a supply of something. We're going to ____ ____ of petrol soon. Let's stop at the next petrol station.

look out (watch out)

used to warn somebody to be careful, especially when there is danger. ____ ____! There's a car coming.

cycle lane

a part of a road that only bicycles are allowed to use. Cars are not allowed in the ____ ___s.

parking fine (ticket)

an official notice that is put on your car when you have parked illegally, ordering you to pay money. Drivers will no longer have to keep small change at the ready or worry about losing their ____ ____.

pedestrian zone

a place for people to walk; no cars are allowed. In a ____ ____, the advantage should be for pedestrians, not cyclists.


​repairs that are being done to the road; an area where these repairs are being done. Some bus routes may change due to ____.

rush hour

the time, usually twice a day, when the roads are full of traffic and trains are crowded because people are travelling to or from work. Don't travel at __ __/in the __ __.

taxi rank, cabstand

​a place where taxis park while they are waiting for passengers. There is a ____ ____ opposite the station, and a bus stop to the west of it.

zebra crossing

an area of road marked with broad black and white lines where vehicles must stop for people to walk across. He can not see the ____ ____ and walk past.