Earth Science Warm up Set 1


Term used to describe the proper way to smell a chemical

Closed Toe Shoes

The type of shoe you should wear in the lab

Inform the teacher

First thing to do if there's an accident in the lab


When you can eat or drink in the lab


What equipment to use to protect your hands in the lab.


What equipment do you use to protect your eyes.

Tie it back

What to do if you have long hair in the lab

Wash it off with water

What to do when you get a chemical in your skin


Factor in experiment that remains unchanged.


Factor in experiment that has no independent variable applied

Dependent variable

The variable we measure in an experiment

Independent variable

The variable in an experiment we manipulate

Bar graph

graph used to compare two or more trials of an experiment.

Line graph

graph used to relate two or more factors and how they change over time.

Pie chart

used to show percentages of a whole

Data table

used to organize data from an experiment before creating a graph.