famous FOR

Św. Michał is famous ~ its beer

struggle with obesity / BEING overweight

struggle with o~ / _____ overweight

junk food

e.g. McDonald's

a gym junkie

sb who spends a lot of time at the gym

ripped / beefed up

(sl.) (x2) very muscular

feel the rush

feel extreme excitement or thrill (phrase)

to put on weight steadily

to gain weight (ph.v.) slowly but in a measured way (adverb)

tone up (muscles)

(ph.v.) to make your muscles look nicer

manageable; feasible

doable; ~ targets

feel inferior / superior

feel worse / better than

he's encouraging

he's actively motivating

cut down on carbs/ carbohydrates

reduce the amount of sugar you consume

follow sth rigorously

follow sth to the letter


a ~ daily routine; a ~ job = extremely difficult and exhausting

a stomach bug

stomach problems; feeling sick

come rain or shine

(phrase) no matter what the conditions are; You have to exercise every day, ~ .

it made all the difference

it was extremely meaningful (phrase)

let sb down

(ph.v.) disappoint