Early history of respiratory care

Respiratory Care/ Respiratory Therapist

the health care discipline that specializes in the promotion of optimal cardiopulmonary function and health.

Respiratory care practitioners

are health care professionals who are educated and trained to provide respiratory care to patients.

father of medicine

Hippocrates, a Greek physician

Hippocratic four essential fluids or "humors'

phlegmbloodyellow bileblack bile

four elements

earth(cold,dry)fire(hot, dry)water(cold,moist)air(hot, moist)

Hippocratic Oath

admonishes physicians to follow certain ethical principles, is given a modern form to medical students at graduation.

Aristotle (384-322 BC)

Greek philosopher, first great biologist

Erasistratus (330-240 BC)

developed a pneumatic theory of respiration in Alexandria, Egypt


believed that inspired air contained a vital substance

What began in the 12th Century

Intellectual rebirth in Europe

Leonardo da Vinci(1452-1519)

studied human anatomy, determined the subatomspheric intrapleural pressures inflated the lungs.


experimented with resuscitation


invented the barometer in the 1650


describe the properties of carbon dioxide in 1754.


discovered oxygen which he called "dephlogisticated air." in 1774


worked out the relationship between the consumption of oxygen and tissue respiration

Charles' Law (1787)

described the relationship between gas temperature and volume

Boyle's Law

in 1662, the chemist boyle published what is now known as Boyle's law, governing the relationship between gas, volume, and pressure.


described his law of partial pressures in 1801


described the relationship between gas temperature and pressure in 1808

Graham's Law

described his law of diffusion for gases in 1831

Pasteur 1865

germ theory" diseases caused by microorganisms


discovered x-rays


In experiments performed between 1175 and 1794, showed that oxygen was absorbed by the lungs and that carbon dioxide and water was exhaled.


the iron lung in 1928

Respiratory profession

In 1982 it was bout into the lime light when the state of California passed the 1st modern license law governing the profession of respiratory care.

Most common infection to as ventaliator-associated pneumonia



is a potentially deadly and very costly complication of invasive machinal ventilation that develop when microorganisms accidentally enter the airway from the mouth and/or GI tract.


developed a water sear spirometer with which he measure the vital capacity of more than 2000 subjects in 1846

When did sleep medicine became established ?

the 1980s, and it was then that polysomnography became a routine clinical test, often performed by RTs.

What was founded in 1947 in Chicago?

the inhalation therapy association (ITA) was the first professional association for the field of respiratory care.

State licensing laws

set the minimal educational requirements and the method of competence to practice


is typically determined by obtaining a passing grade on a credentialing examination by the NBRC

When is respiratory care week?

3rd week of October

when was the first formal course in inhalation therapy ?

Chicago in 1950.

BOMA (Board of Medical Advisors)

phyicians that give thier valuable input

Who is the medical Director for our program?

Dr. Richmond Alexandria- Pulmonologist

American Association for Respiratory Care(AARC)

are health care professionals whose responsibilities include patient assessment, disease management, diagnostic evaluation, management, education, rehabilitation and care of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities of the cardiopulmonary system.

Scope of practice

includes the application of technology and the use of protocols across all care sites including, but not limited to the hospital, clinic, physician office, rehabilitation facility, skilled nursing facility and the patient home.

Department director

The person or group usually accountable for continuously assessing and improving performance at the department level in RT

Medical devices

are regulated under the Medical Device Amendment act of 1976 which comes from the FDA

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

to establish safety and effectiveness standards and to ensure that these standards are met by equipment and pharmaceutical manufactures

What is safe and efficent?

high quality care

National board for Respiratory Care(NBRC)

licensed RT have met a minimun level of comptency

Medical Directory

for respiratory care is usually provided by a pulmonary/critical care physician or an anesthesiologist.

The two levels of general practice credentialing in respiratory care are

1. Certified respiratory therapists (CRT) 2. registered respiratory therapist(RRT)

What offers discounted memberships to students.



is the only professional association dedicated to promoting, advancing, and advocating for respiratory therapists.


is a voluntary credentialing agency founded in the 1960.

NBRC mission

is to promote excellence in respiratory care by awarding credentials based on high competency standards while sharing the professions goal of protecting and enhancing patient lives.

The high standards for NBRC

has been recognized nationally and are the standard for licensure in 49 states

NBRC electronic newsletter

called the NBRC Horizons and provides a directory of credentialed individuals

Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC)

was founded in 1954 to accredit respiratory care degree programs at the associate baccalaureate, and master's degree level in the United States and Puerto Rico


is the accrediting body of respiratory therapy education programs.

National Asthma Educator Certification Board(NAECB)

was established in 2000 to develop and implement qualification/ standards, as well as certification examination for asthma educators


is to promote optimal asthma management and qualify of life among individuals with asthma, their families and communities' by advancing excellence in asthma education through the certified asthma educator (AE-C)

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