Marketing 1


any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor

Angel Investors

high networth who will provide capital resources for a start up business


First face-to-face contact with the customer


The number of homes or individuals exposed to anadvertisement, public relations communication, or other message

Autocratic management style

Managers make decisionsindividually without consideration of other members of theorganization


Business-to-business marketing; creating, promoting, andselling goods and services to organizations


Business to consumer marketing; creating promoting, andselling goods and services to individuals

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are the demographic cohortfollowing the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X. TheBaby Boom generation is most often defined as those individualsborn between 1946 and 1964. Baby boomers are associated witha rejection or redefinition of traditional values

Bait and Switch

A situation when a company or organizationintentionally advertises a product or service that is in limitedsupply or unusually low in priced to attract the consumer and thenattempts to switch the customer to another product or service thatis higher priced or lower quality

Balance of Payment

The balance of payments, alsoknown as balance of international payments and abbreviatedB.O.P. or BoP, of a country is the record of all economictransactions between the residents of the country and the rest ofthe world in a particular period of time

balance of trade

The difference in value between exports andimports of a nationBenefits Sought - Benefit segmentation

Benefits Sought

Benefit segmentation is a technique thatsegments customers on the basis of desired or sought benefits

Bill of Sale

Is a document that transfers ownership of an assetfrom a seller to the buyer, a basic agreement for sale of goods,and a sales receipt. ... Guarantee from the seller that the item isfree from all claims and offset

Billboard Advertising

A form of printed, paid, nonpersonalpresentation of ideas, images, goods, services, or branding postedin an outdoor space and classified by size


An amount of money added to wages based on good performance


A form of printed, paid, nonpersonalpresentation of ideas, images, goods, services, or branding postedin an outdoor space and classified by size


Is the image and personality of a product or service that abusiness provides. A product's features, such as logos or slogans, make it unique and different

brand loyalty

Is the tendency of consumers to continuouslypurchase one brand's products over another. Consumer behaviorpatterns demonstrate that consumers will continue to buy productsfrom a company that has fostered a trusting relationship


Money or favor given or promised in order to influencethe judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust


A business that has a physical location to sellproduct to a customer