Lab tools

Flint Striker

used to light bunsen burner

Bunsen burner

used to heat substances

ring stand

Used as a support; Rings and clamps attach to the stand

Test Tube Holder

Holds test tubes

mortar and pestle

used to grind up materials

beaker tongs

Used to move beakers containing hot liquids

crucible tongs

to hold hot crucibles

clay triangle

used to hold a crucible while the crucible is heated


for pouring liquid or other substance through a small opening


a severe test or trial


used to cap flasks containing liquids


Used to transfer solids


used to hold liquids

erlenmeyer flask

used to hold liquids, has narrow neck to prevent splashes

Volumeteric Flask

flask that measures a specific volume

boiling flask

Used to boil liquids and has a round bottom

graduated cylinder

instrument used to measure volume of a liquid