Vehicle inspection Test

Steering Box Hoses

Check that the steering box is securely mounted and not leaking, look for any missing nuts, bolts, and cotter keys. Check for power steering fluid leaking or damage to power steering hoses.

Steering Linkage

See that connecting links, arms and rods from the steering box to the wheel are not worn or cracked, check that joints and sockets are not worn or loos and that there no missing nuts, bolts or cotter keys.

Spring Air Torque

Look for missing shifts, cracked or broken leaf springs.Look for broken or distorted coil spring, if the vehicle is equipped with torsion bars, torque arms, or other type of suspension components, check that they are not damaged and mounted securely.


Look for cracked or broken spring hangers, missing or damaged bushings, and broken, loose, or missing bolts, U bolts or other axel mounting parts. The mounts should be checked at each point, where they are secured to the vehicle frame and axel(s).

Shock Absorbers

See that shock absorbers are secure and that there are not leaks.

Slack Adjustors and Pushrods

Look for broken loose or missing parts. For manual slack adjustors, the brake pushrods should not move more than one inch (with the brakes released) when pulled by hand.

Brake Chambers

See that brake chambers are not leaking, cracked, or dented and are mounted securely.

Brake hoses / lines

Look for cracked worn, or leaking hoses, lines, and couplings.

Drum Brake

Check for cracks, dents, or holes. Also check for loose or missing bolts. Check for contaminates such debris or oil/grease. Brake Linings (where visible) should not be worn dangerously thin.

Brake Linings

On some brake drums there are openings where the brake linings can be seen from outside the drum. For this type of drums, check that a visible amount of brake linings is showing.

TireTread depth

Check for minimum tread depth 4/32 on steering axel tires 2/32 on all other tires.

Tire Condition

Check the tires are not cuts, nails or other damage . Also make sure that valve caps and stems are not missing, broken, or damaged.

Tire Inflation

Check for proper inflation by using a tire gauge.

Hub Oil Seals/Axel seals

See that hub oil/grease seals and axel seals are not leaking and, if wheel has a sight glass, oil level is adequate.