set 1

the term used to describle the proper way to smell a chemical is


What type of shoes should you wear in the lab?

Close toed shoes

what is the first thing you do if you have an accident in the lab

tell the teacher

when are you allowed to eat and drink in the lab


what equipment should you use to protect your hands in the lab


What equipment do you use to protect your eyes


what should you do if you have long hair in a lab

Tie it back

what should you do if you get a chemical on your skin

wash with water and soap

the factor that remain unchanged in an eperiment is called

A control variable

the factor that has no independent variable applied to it is called the

Extraneous Variable

the variable we measure in an experiment is called the

Dependent variables

the varable we manipulate in an experiment is the

Independent variables

a graph used to compare two or more trials of an experiment

bar graph

a graph is used to relate two or more factors and how they change over time

line graph

a is used to show percentagges of a whloe

pi chart

a is used to organize data from an experiment before creating a graph

data table