Workforce Diversity - Chapter 1

Nila, a teacher, gives a lists of terms that are considered appropriate to refer to different racial and ethnic minorities. Which term is she likely to use to refer to "Blacks" in the United States?

African Americans

Where do most Latin Americans originate from?

Central America

Why were humans classified on the basis of race?

To privilege one group over the other

Why is discussing race in the United States difficult?

Due to uncertainty about language use

Select the term that best describes a system of social structures and practices that maintains the values, priorities, and interests of men as a group.


How is patriarchy maintained?

By the process of relative invisibility

What is the characteristic of gender culture?

Culture has a higher influence on gender than biological differences.

How do parents consciously or unconsciously construct gender among children?

By discouraging sensitivity in boys

Hari, an employee, refuses to have meat when dining with clients as his religion does not allow it. His manager condemns this as rude behavior. In this case, which of the following statements is true?

It is an act of discrimination to condemn Hari on the basis of religion.

What is true of religion in terms of culture and identity?

It is essential to consider religion from the communication perspective.

Why is it important to keep workplaces free of discrimination based on religion?

Religious freedom is allowed in the United States.

What does socioeconomic imply?


Sarah grew up in an upper class family; her mother is a doctor and her father is a university professor. As an adult, Sarah feels she needs to work long hours to obtain a higher status, and she values her title and position. Which diversity factor is influencing Sarah's work ethic?

Socioeconomic status

Why is a diverse workforce considered to be beneficial from a socioeconomic perspective?

People belonging to different classes bring different perspectives to work.

What is true of an individual's socioeconomic background?

Its influence is often not obvious at a workplace.

What is the name for differences between people based primarily on their age and the shared cultural events that impact them?

Generational differences

What is the basis of institutional classism?

Socioeconomic status

At his workplace, Joel is discriminated for having a lisp and speaking slowly. In this scenario, what type of discrimination is evident?


Dominique, a Latino, and Annie, a Caucasian, are being considered for a project. The manager gives the project to Annie because she is a Caucasian although Dominique is more apt for the project. In this scenario, what type of discrimination is Dominique subject to?


Choose the benefit of understanding diversity.

It helps recognize when differences become biases.

The assumption that it is more difficult to obtain reading materials in braille than in the written form is an example of which institutionalism?


In poorer neighborhoods, bonds and levies may give schools less money for schooling. This scenario is an example of which institutionalism?


From the given options, choose the group that is NOT considered a sexual minority.


Which term was imposed by a discriminatory medical system to refer to sexual minorities?


How does sexuality relate to cultural identity?

Sexuality relates to public health issues like teen pregnancy.

What is true of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (GLBTQ) communities?

Transgender identity connects to gender more than sexuality.

What term refers to the unearned advantages that are provided for people who fit the cognitive and physical norms?

Ability privilege

Select the disability that is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


What is the goal of the independent living movement (ILM)?

Involving more people with disabilities in the formulation of policies relating to them

How has patriarchy been maintained in society?

By men being treated as the generic human being

People belonging to which generation are likely to be the oldest?

The Greatest Generation

Which generation is comprised of the youngest people?

Generation Z

What is the reason for patriarchy to exist in society?

Men are unexamined in most studies of gender differences.

How does sexuality carry significant social and political meaning?

Sexuality relates to biological changes like puberty and menstruation.

Which statement below best describes generational differences?

Values and priorities are different based on the generation the birth-year belongs to.

What is characteristic of members of the Silent Generation?

They are known for being quite frugal with money.

Mr. Hawthorne, who is in his seventies, is very cautious about spending his money and resources. He considers thrift, Difficult work, and self-reliance as important values. Which generation does Mr. Hawthorne most likely to belong to?

The Silent Generation

Why must religion be considered in the workplace?

To establish effective communication between people

What is the feature of individuals' socioeconomic backgrounds?

Its influence is often not easily evident at a workplace

How is understanding diversity beneficial?

It helps recognize when differences become prejudices.

Select the statement that is true of the role of religion in culture.

It is not considered a cultural identity.

What is true of religion in terms of culture and identity?

It is essential to consider religion from the communication perspective.