Matter & Energy Ch. 1 Vocab

Define Matter

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space.

What is not matter?

Light and sound are not matter

Define Mass

Mass is a measure of how much matter an object contains.

How can you measure mass?

You can measure mass with a beam balance or a pan balance.

What is gravity?

Gravity is the force that pulls two masses toward each other.

Define weight.

Weight is the downward pull on an object due to gravity.

How are mass and weight different?

Mass describes the amount of matter an object has, and weight describes how strongly gravity is pulling on that matter.

Define volume.

The amount of space that matter in an object occupies is called the object's volume.

Does air have volume?

Air and other gases take up space and have volume.

What is the formula to find the volume of a regular shaped object?

length times width times height or l x w x h

What method would you use to find the volume of a small rock?

The displacement method

What unit of measurement would you use to record the volume of a rock when using the displacement method?

cm3 or centimeters cubed.

What is an atom?

An atom is the smallest basic unit of matter.

What is a molecule?

When two or more atoms bond together, or combine, they make a particle called a molecule. A molecule can be made of atoms that are different or atoms that are alike. A molecule is the smallest amount of a substance made of combined atoms that is considere

Are atoms and molecules always in motion?

Atoms and molecules are always in motion. Sometimes this motion is easy to observe, such as when you see evidence of molecules in air bouncing dust particles around. The motion of individual atoms and molecules is hard to observe in solid objects, such as

What is an element?

One type of pure substance is an element. An element is a substance that contains only a single type of atom. The number of atoms is not important as long as all the atoms are of the same type. You cannot separate an element into other substances.

Define compound.

A compound is a substance that consists of two or more different types of atoms bonded together. A large variety of substances can be made by combining different types of atoms to make different compounds. Example: Table salt- NaCl

What is a mixture?

A mixture is a combination of different substances that remain the same individual substances and can be separated by physical means. Example: trail mix.

Name the different states of matter.

Ice, water, and water vapor are different states of water. States of matter are the different forms in which matter can exist. The three familiar states are solid, liquid, and gas. When a substance changes from one state to another, the molecules in the s

What is a solid?

A solid is a substance that has a fixed volume and a fixed shape. In a solid, the particles are close together and usually form a regular pattern. Particles in a solid can vibrate but are fixed in one place. Because each particle is attached to several ot

What is a liquid?

A liquid has a fixed volume but does not have a fixed shape. Liquids take on the shape of the container they are in. The particles in a liquid are attracted to one another and are close together. However, particles in a liquid are not fixed in place and c

What is a gas?

A gas has no fixed volume or shape. A gas can take on both the shape and the volume of a container. Gas particles are not close to one another and can move easily in any direction. There is much more space between gas particles than there is between parti

Does temperature change the behavior of gas?

The speed at which gas molecules move depends on the temperature of the gas. Gas molecules move faster at higher temperatures than at lower temperatures. The volume, pressure, and temperature of a gas are related to one another, and changing one can chang