ACB 1,052 Questions


John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson are senators in which state, governed by Rick Perry?

Civil War

It was the first war in which aircraft were used by U.S. armed forces. The hot air balloons were used for observation only. Name this 19th century war, which resulted in the greatest loss of Americans in any war.


In cubic inches, find the volume of a cube with edge length 3 inches.

New Mexico

It is the only state to have Spanish and English state songs. Name this "Land of Enchantment" in the Southwest


Raphael painted most of his works in the 16th Century. What was his nationality?

Vice President

John Nance Garner, who held the position under President Franklin Roosevelt, called it "a spare tire on the automobile of government." What position, assumed in 2009 by President Joe Biden?


TThe ability to read or write your native language is called what? We're looking for an 8-letter word starting with L.


The Hubble Space Telescope can detect the chemical makeup of minerals on the moon by means of what kind of light that, on Earth, is blocked by the ozone layer and by sunscreens?

Lake Erie and Ontario

NIagara Falls represents a huge amount of energy because the Niagara River's water flows between two Great Lakes which are only 36 miles apart but have a 300-foot vertical drop. Which two lakes?

Baltic Sea

The Republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are collectively known by a name shared with the body of water the countries border. What is the body of water, a sea with the same name as a purple property in Monopoly.


There are more compounds of this one elements than there are compounds of all elements combined. Name this elemnt, whose 12 isotope is used as the basis for atomic weights, and whose "footprint" environmentally sensitive people try to decrease.


The city has fewer than 15,000 Christians, but has Greek, Latin, and Russian patriarchs. Name this city, whose rival patriarchs share control of the Church of the Holy Sephulcre, where Jesus is said to have been buried.


The title character in "Death of the Hired Man" by Robert Frost had the same name as the title character in a George Eliot novel and the albino in The DaVinci Code. Identify the name.


It's the first name of a Russian novelist and "civil disobedience" proponent. It's a sign of the zodiac. It's the name of MGM's mascot. Give me the Latin word for "lion.


It's 35 member board supervises college credit TV courses. What three letters identify this nonprofit service, best known for distributing programs from its member stations?


The local joke among Americans stationed there used to be, "There's a woman behind every tree." That's no longer true, as there are now dozens of women doing research on what treeless continent?


Euclid's third postulate states that from any line segment, a circle can be draw with one end point as the center, and the segment itself as what line whose length, when squared and the multiplied by pi, equals the circle's area?


Letters are used as symbols instead of numbers in which branch of mathematics, whose name begins and ends with the same letter?


What is a line called when it intersects two or more other lines at distinct points?

Extremes and means

A proportion is made up of four statements. By what names are the first and fourth, and the second and third statements known?

Long John Silver

The one legged ship's cook from Treasure Island who owns a pet parrot named Captain Flint, and whose name is now borne by a fast-food fish restaurant chain.

Jim Hawkins

The principal narrator from Treasure Island, a courageous boy.

Ben Gunn

A pirate marooned on Treasure Island.

Captain Bill Bones

In Treasure Island, this man stole the map and sang "Fifteen men on a dead man's chest.

lightening rod

The safest place to be during a thunderstorm is in a building equipped with what device, invented by Benjamin Franklin?


Sheet, forked, and ball are types of what?


The presence of what delayed the discovery of San Francisco Bay for 200 years.


For air to be described as supersaturated, the relative humidity would have to be above what percent?


The Free Soil Party was formed in 1848 to oppose the extension of what?

Civil War

What U.S. war was going on when the Hatfields and McCoys began their feud?

Emancipation Proclamation

Karl Marx called which Civil War-era proclamation the most important document in American History?

Vietnam War

What war was the U.S. involved in when Martin Luther King was killed in 1968?


Bloomington, Duluth, and St. Paul are cities in what state?


Al Gore ran for president as which party's candidate?


Al Capone's men were disguised as what during the St. Valentine's Day Massacre?


In what city was Crispus Attuks killed during a 1770 massacre?


Name the largest valley flooded by dams constructed during the New Deal?


When was the Spanish-American war fought?


Unscramble: A L B A S - model airplane wood


Unscramble: N A H C T - a song


Unscramble: N U D O M - a baseball pitcher is elevated here


Unscramble: N A I L E - a resident foreigner, illegal or not


Unscramble: P A L L E - a flower looks nice on this part of a suit coat


Unscramble: A S O I S - looks good on the Sahara


Unscramble: P H M N Y - a lovely young woman


Unscramble: E T H I L - flexible


Unscramble: L I F A N - the bane of some students


Unscramble: E F N O L - criminal

Lake Michigan

Name the lake: West of Traverse City, North of Gary, East of Green Bay.

Lake Champlain

Name the lake: Between Vermont and New York.

Lake Titicaca

Name the lake: Between Peru and Bolivia

Lake Tahoe

Name the lake: Between Nevada and California.

Lake Mead

Name the lake: Between Arizona and Nevada on the Colorado River

Lake Nasser

Name the lake: South of Aswan on the Nile

Lake Baikal

Name the lake: In Siberia east of Irkutsk.

Lake Geneva

Name the lake: Between Evian, France and Lausanne, Switzerland.

Lake Louise

Name the lake: In Banff National Park in southern Alberta.

Crater Lake

Name the lake: Surrounding Wizard Island, in the cone of an extinct volcano in Oregon.


starts with "sh": On Wall Street, it's one unit of stock.


starts with "sh": Another term for stenography


starts with "sh": Resembling a large scarf, this garment, when folded in a triangle, may be worn in place of a sweater.


starts with "sh": Slate is commonly formed by the metamorphism of this rock.


starts with "sh": Tecumseh was chief of this Indian tribe.


starts with "sh" What are dogfish small versions of?


starts with "sh": What symbol did St. Patrick use to explain his theory of the Holy Trinity?


starts with "sh" What city's name became a synonym for kidnapping?


starts with "sh": What are New Zealand's chief farm animals?


starts with "sh" Which sect's melody "Tis the Gift to Be Simple" was used by Aaron Copland in his Appalacian Spring?

1B, 2C, 3A

Match these swimming strokes --1 butterfly, 2 side, 3 breast-- with their proper kicks -- A frog, B dolphin, C scissors

Emily Dickinson

I'm nobody -- who are you/ Are you nobody too?" That poet was from New England, lived during the 19th century, was reclusive, and was female. Who was she?

Bubonic plague.

It would have been the lead story in a yearbook published in 1350. Name this catastrophe of biological origin.


What ordered pair is the image of the point 4,1 after it has been rotated by a half-turn about the origin?


This medical term made the news in 1962 when President Kennedy used it as a metaphor for his military blockade of Cuba during the Missile Crisis. Give me the term for an enforced isolation of a sick person.


What element combines with calcium and oxygen to form gypsum and with iron to form pyrite, and whose smell is said to resemble that of rotten eggs?

A2, B3, C1

Match each of the four American composers to the focus of his work. COMPOSERS: A John Phillip Sousa, B Aaron Copland, C Richard Rodgers. FOCUS: 1 musicals, 2 marches, 3 ballets

Hera and Athena

The Greeks blamed these two goddesses for the Trojan War because Paris in selecting the fairest of the goddesses did not find them as beautiful as Aphrodite. Name these two goddesses, the Greek counterparts of Juno and Minerva.

Harry Truman, about Douglas MacArthur

Listen to this presidential quotation and tell me who said it, and about whom it was spoken: "I asked General Bradley to be sure we had the full agreement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which he got; they were all unanimous in saying he should be fired. And we had to arrange to turn the command over to General Ridgeway.


It was the last name of the family executed at Yekaterinburg in 1918. What was the last Russian dynasty?

Department of Energy

Agencies of which cabinet department include Brookhaven National Laboratory, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory?

Left Behind

It opens with million of humans dissapearing into thin air. I'm talking about what apocalyptic 12-book series by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye?

The Fountain of Youth

Spanish nobleman Juan Ponce de Leon was a gentlemen tourist on Columbus' second voyage. He liked what he saw and stayed in the New World. He took tall takes seriously, and so spent much of his life in the Carribean, searching for what?

spinning straw into gold

Rumpelstiltskin got a promise from the miller's daughter of her firstborn in exchange for what?


Within the set of whole numbers, it's a factor of all numbers, and it has no factors of its own. Name the number.


All the plants in a given biome are collectively called its flora. What about the animals in that vicinity?

Mont Blanc

The highest Alps in Western Europe is what peak, which means "white mountain" in French?

Deion Sanders

He played for the Atlanta Braves, Cinncinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees. While that's quite a Major League career, he's also played for the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Dalla Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and then for the Baltimore Ravens. Identify this athlete nicknamed "Prime Time.

Pierre Garcon

He had 11 catches for 153 yards and the go-ahed touchdown to beat the New York Jets. He raised a Haitian flag after the game to honor his family and friends who still live there. Name this Indianapolis Colts receiver.


Which city was the capital of both the empire of Hammurabi in the 19th century BC and the Chaldean empire under Nebuchadnezzar in the 6th Century BC?

silence is golden

The absence of sound is as pleasing as a highly prized yellow, corrosion-resistan, malleable and ductile element." Which proverb says it better?


Martin Luther established his own church, and the Quakers, Anabaptists, Mennonites, and Moravian Hussites soon followed suit. Before long, all of these groups became collectively known as wat?

The UN

This 39-story black tower might fail most U.S. building standards because of its asbestos insulation, lead paint, and obsolete electrical system. Located at First Avenue, East 42nd Street in New York, it's exempt from all codes because its the Secretariat Building of what organization?

Dead Sea

In Arabic, its known as the Sea of Lot. The Latin name for it is Lacus Asphaltus. It receives seven rivers, but has no outlet. In the Old Testament, it's referred to as the Salt Sea. What do we call it nowadays?


The Conneticut one proposed a method of representation in Congress. The Three-Fifths one proposed a method of counting slaves in the census. What word goes after "Missouri" and before "of 1850" and referres to an agreement between two opposed political factions where both sides give a little?


The first one dates to 1863, found in a European capital. The one in Budapest dates from 1896; the one in Paris from 1900. The first American one was in Boston in 1897. London's, the first one, was initially only 3.75 miles long. What are we talking about?

Margaret Thatcher

She was born Margaret Hilde Robertson in 1925. In 1992, she was made a Baroness for service to her country. Her strong views and strong leadership earned her the nickname "Iron Lady." She became the first European woman to hold her country's highest elective office. Name her.


It is the Number 1 trading partner of the US. It has a slight advantage, being so close geographically. Name the nation.


Name the constellation: The Great Hunter


Name the constellation: Winged Horse

Canis Major

Name the constellation: Great Dog


Name the constellation: Chained Maiden


Animals in the Bible: The left Daniel alone, thanks to God's angel, but they did get to break the bones of Daniel's accusers.


Animals in the Bible: What kind of lion did Samson tear apart bear-handed at Timnath?

a dead lion

Animals in the Bible: According to Ecclesiastes, a living dog is better than what?


Animals in the Bible: Isaiah spoke of a time to come when beasts would join together. The wolf will dwell with the lamb and the leopard will lie down with the kid. What animal will eat straw like the ox?

John Paul Jones

Name the American Revolutionary leader who lashed his ship to the Serapis and defeaed the larger British vessel

Francis Marion

Name the American Revolutionary leader who conducted guerrilla warfare against the British in South Carolina.

George Washington

Name the American Revolutionary leader who defeated the British at Boston in 1776.

Horation Gates

Name the American Revolutionary leader who was routed at Camden, resulting in his removal from command.


Solve for x. 14x + 8 = 64


Solve for x. 9x - 18 = 7x +20


Solve for x. ax - 2a = 5a


Solve for x. 4 - 2x = 14x

- 1/2

Solve for x. 8 - 6x = 14 + 6x

square root of 5

Solve for x. 5 over x = x


Solve for x. 5x - 6 = x + 2

5 over y

5xy = 25


5 - 2x = x + 8


5x + 20 = 60

Children's doctor

Medical specialists: Pediatrician

foot specialist

Medical specialists: Podiatrist

Pregnancy/ childbirth

Medical specialists: Obstetrician


Medical specialists: Oncologist


Medical specialists: Cardiologist

nervous system

Medical specialists: Neurologist


Medical specialists: Opthalmologist


Medical specialists: Pathologist


Medical specialists: Otolaryngologist

children's dentist

Medical specialists: Pedodontist


Time Zones: El Paso


Time Zones: Cedar Rapids


Time Zones: Charleston


Time Zones: Spokane


Time Zones: Durango


Time Zones: Columbia


Time Zones: Portland


Time Zones: Springfield


Time Zones: Fairbanks


Time Zones: St. Thomas


Begins and ends with T: device that regulates temperature


Begins and ends with T: ability to say or do the right thing without offending


Begins and ends with T: occupant of dweller of a building


Begins and ends with T: on a campout, you might sleep in what temporary canvas dwelling?


Begins and ends with T: dense growth of shrubs or small trees.


Begins and ends with T: swift, violent stream of water


Begins and ends with T: distinguishing quality or characteristic.


Begins and ends with T: piece of wood, metal, or stone on which an inscription is written.


Begins and ends with T: single, deep root from which many smaller branch roots spread out.


Begins and ends with T: copy of a student's school report.