Mythology Terms Ch 3

Hesiod's Version of the Creation of Man

Every generation had more and more human-like qualities


Gave fire to mankindPunished by gods-chained to Mr. CaucasusEventually freed by Hercules


Brother of PrometheusScatterbrain

Epimetheus's gifts to animals

StrengthSwiftnessCourageShrewd CunningFurFeathersWingsShells

Prometheus's gift to mankind that makes them superior to animals

Fire-Angers Zeus-Punished by Force and Violence who chained him to a rock

The First Stage of Man

Golden Race-Mortal-Without sorrow, toil, and pain-Rich-Loved by gods

The Second Stage of Man

Silver Race-Unintelligent-Souls did not live on

The Third Stage of Man

Brass Race-Terrible, Strong, Loved War

The Fourth Stage of Man

Heroic Race-God-like heroes-Lived in bliss in Isles of Blessed forever

The Fifth Stage of Man

Iron Race-What is on earth today-Evil times-Toil, have sorrow-Each generation is worse than the last

Why is Pandora created?

As revenge for Zeus on mankind

Why does Zeus send a flood to earth?

Because man has grown very wickedHe is determined to destroy them

Who are the only two survivors of The Flood?

-Prometheus's son Deucalion-Prometheus's niece Pyrrha

Who are the Stone People?

The people who came from the stones/bones of the earth-a hard, enduring race