history test one

mesopotamia civilization is sometimes refered to?

land between rivers

what rivers go with mesopotamia?

tigris and uphraties river

where was cuneiform developed?


90% of the cuneiform tablets were about what?



ancient souther country of mesopotamia;

what was sumer known for?

irrigation, writing

what was sumer's main religion?

polytheistic; gods came from nature

where did assairians come from?

ancient mesopotamia

who ruled the fertile crescent and later the mediterainian?


what babylon was the one in the bible?

2nd babylon

who was the 2nd babylon ruled by?

king nebeconnezer

who was responsible for the babylonian captivity of the jews?

kind neb

who built the hanging gardens of babylon?

king neb

when did king neb rule?


what was the social structure in sumer?

priest, kings, warriors, common people, slaves of war.

who conquered mesopotamia?

sargon the great

who was sargon the great?

He was leader of central Mesopotamia , who conquered all of Sumer


first ruler to have a sence of justice

code of hammiarabie

the first law code

what ancient writing outdates the book of exidous in the bible?

the code of hammarabie

who was sinacarib?

greatest assyrian ruler

where was sinacaribs capital city?


what was mesopotamias legacy?

writing; back drop for the old testament; law systems came about

who rebuilt babylon?

king neb

hittities were the first to have?