Med Surge Test 1


Excision or removal of
EX: appendectomy


Destruction of
EX: Electrolysis


repair or suture of
EX: Herniorrhaphy


looking into
EX endoscopy


creation of opening into
EX: colonoscopy


cutting into or incision of
EX: Tracheotomy


repair or reconstruction of
EX: mammoplasty


may cause inflammation of the liver with certain medications


may inhibit platlet activity


may increase bleeding especially in patients taking anticoagulants

Ginko Balboa

may increase bleeding especially in patients taking anticoagulants


may increase bleeding, heart rate or BP


may increase BP and swelling


may prolong the effects of certain anesthetic or antiseizure medicine
may cause liver injury


increase BP, swelling and electrolyteimbalance

St. John's Wort

may prolong anesthetic agents

Vitamine E

may increase bleeding
may affect thyroid function
may increase BP in patients with high BP


venous thromboembolism
includes DTV and pulmonary embolism

AOD area

admission observation discharge area

circulating nurse

assists with preparing room
ensures needed items prepared and sterile
identifies and admits pt to OR bed
participated in insertion of monitoring device and anesthesia
records, labels and sends samples to proper location
reports info to PACU nurse

Scrub nurse

prepares instrument table
assists with draping pt
counts medical devices
reports amount of medication used


monitored anesthesia care
used by ACP's
formerly called conscious sedation


total intravenous anesthesia


larengeal mask airway

EMLA cream

eutectic mixture of local anesthetics
a combination of prilocain and lidocaine


the state of distress associated with loss
insecurity and lack of control