chapter 1 sect. 1.3

3 tools used by geographers

direct observation, aerial photographs, & sound waves

compare the advantages & disadvantages of globes & maps

maps display info for learning & understanding & globes accurately despicts the distance & direction between 2 points on the earth. The disadvantages for a globe is that you can only look at one half of the earth at a time, & just because it is big the gl

identify and describe 4 major flat-map projections

mercator- shows direction & shapes but distorts distance and size
mollweide- shows correct size of land masses in relation to other land masses but distorts shape
robinson- longitude and latitude lines are almost at right angles show accurate areas and di

How can the shortest distance between 2 points be a curve?

the earth is a sphere and not flat like a map. sometimes the shortest distance between 2 points on a map is a curve.

difference between statistic and estimate

statistic- numerical facts and figures
estimate- educated guesses based on observations


systematic study of a nation's population which includes counting the people and recording various facts about them


art of making maps


scale model of the earth that shows actual shapes, sizes, and location of land masses and bodies of water


flat representation of the earth or a portion of the earth


flat portrayal of the earth's surface

equisdistant map

shows correct distance over a small section of the earth

charts and graphs

pictorial illlustrations of numerical data