Sociology Theorists

barbara ehrenreich

authored the book Nickle and Dimed, and focused on the low wage earners of America

august conte

BELIEF- needed to understand society as it was rather ought to be

herbert spencer

used social darwinism- that intelligent people that rise to the top

emille durkheim

BELIEF- social integration ( its the bonds/functions that hold society together

max weber

verstehen (insight on phenomena from the point of view of those engaged in it)

george simmel

rejected the organic analogy of spencer, more "formal sociology", which led to research in to "social types

wright mills

had the sociological info.and also important to understand the relationship between individuals and society (troublese vs. issues)

peter berger

made the process of "debunking," sociological thinking to see the norm, and also find patterns that shape the behaviors of society

karl marx

focuses capitalism shapes society, that the same class is more efficient the numerous different classes

barriet martineau

equaled role of women as servants, she was a feminist and abolitionist

W.E.B dulfois

looked at communities t observe and theorize about racial divide

cooley and mead

identity is shaped through people's understanding of how they are perceived by others

lilian rubin

researched on marriage, also the expectations of women concerning there husbands feelings and behaviors

lenore weitzman

looked at women after divorce, and also passed laws in CA regarding financial hardships for women who are divorced