Criminal Investigations, Inst Thompson Broussard, Takacs

Accusatory Pleading

The identification of an individual as the person accused of the crime leads to an array of witnesses and evidence. Identification ususally results from some combination of testimony and other evidence. This evidence structure is sometimes supported by a


Being elsewhere at the time of the crime

All Points Bulletin (APB)

All broadcast alarms are distributed locally, but their coverage is expanded as the interval from the time of the crime indicates the possible enlargement of areas of flight. An all points bulletin is justified when adequate descriptive information is ava

Broadcast Alarm

orders to pick up a suspect, which alert other police units to the recent crime, usually are done first by radio and then by Teletype, fax, or computer

Corpus Delicti

Body of a crime, essential elements

Face Sheet

a reent innovation is a face sheet on all police reports, doucements, and exhibits forwarded to the prosecutor. The face sheet is an outline synopsis of the case, which requires only a few notations in appropriate spaces under printed captions.

Immediate Control

Indicates the area in which a search is justified...The area that the suspect is in control of and can reach or is easily accessible.

Negative Evidence

1. The defendant did not commit the crime. The defense allegation is that the accused person is the victim of mistaken identifictiation, faulty police work, or pure coincidence and was somewhere else at the time.
2. The defendant did commit the crime, but


The criminal history of a person..the collection of data about the prisoner at the time of the delineates a person against the background of the crime charged and sometimes provides a record of behavior when in prison and on parole

Rap Sheet

a report that lists arrests and imprisonments in various sections of the United States


Time and date of the crime and the territorial jurisdiction in which it happened

Wanted Notice

A wanted notice should provide full information about the fugitive and about areas in which he or she is likely to be found. The basic content of a wanted notice is a photograph or sketch of the fugitive his or her fingerprints, and an extensive personal