Chapter 1, section 5

Why is preparation important?

It helps you stay safe when doing activities in the lab.

What are two things you should do ahead of time to prepare for a lab?

Read the procedure carefully and make sure you understand all the directions.

Summarize the the key steps you should take to ensure that you can perform a science lab safely.

Always follow your teacher's instruction and the textbook directions EXACTLY. Never try anything on your own without asking your teacher first. Wear appropriate safety equipment. Keep your work area clean and organized. Do not rush through any of the steps. Clean up your work area, unplug equipment and return items to the proper place. Dispose of wastes properly and wash hands.

Why is it more difficult to prepare for a lab activity in the field than for one in a laboratory?

Because some hazards, like weather, traffic, wild animals or poisonous plants may be encountered or impossible to anticipate.

What is the first thing you should you do if you get cut and start to bleed during an experiment?

Notify your teacher immediately and listen to her directions.

List (in order) the next steps you would take to deal with your injury.

Cover cuts with a clean dressing. Apply direct pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding.

Can most accidents be prevented with proper preparation and safe behavior? Explain.

Yes, with preparation. Good preparation helps you stay safe in the laboratory.