H.D. 101 Chap 1

Who is considered the founder of the child study movement?

G. Stanley Hall

___ effects are a major threat to findings of both logitudinal & cross sectional research


According to the lifespan perspective, development is

plastic at all ages

Hall & Gesell launched the ____ approach to the field of child development


In stage theories, development is like ___

climbing a staircase

Microsystem contains elements exposed to on a

daily basis (school, work, peers, childcare)


encompasses connections between microsystems (parent teacher conference, friends going to the movies)


consists of social settings that do not contain the devloping person, but still affect experiences in immediate settings (religious institutions, or extended family who provide advice)


Outermost level. Cultural values, laws, customs, religion and resources "I as an individual wont have a very big impact on cultural decisions, but as a group I would


context changes over time(technology was different for my grandparents)


individuals born in the same time period are influenced by a particular set of historical and cultural conditions

Development Theory

systematic statement of principals and generalizations

Continuity vs Discontinuity

development of a particular phenomenon, a smooth progression throughout life (continuous) or a series of abrupt shifts (discontinuous)

Psychoanalytic Theories

development is an active, dynamic process influenced by inborn biological drives, unconscious social and emotional experiences