Shoulder Spec Tests

Rockwood Test: Anterior Instability

pt sitting, RMT behindMiddle finger on humeral head, index on coracoid processABD shoulder to 45 degrees, EXT ROT and EXT shoulderPalpate humeral head for anterior movement+ Increased Ant movement+ Apprehension+ Pain

Feagin: Inferior Instability

pt sitting, examiner kneeling at pt sideSupport pt arm on examiner's shoulder, do Inf Glide + slight Ant glide+ Increased Inf movement+ Apprehension+ Pain

Pull-Pushl: Posterior Instability

pt supine, examiner holds arm at elbow, with other hand @ proximal HumerusMove pt arm into scapular plane (90 ABD, 30 H-ADD)Distract @ elbow, plus Post glide @ GH+ more than 50% translation+ Apprehension

Neer's Impingement Test

pt seatedStabilize GH jtInt Rot GH jtPassively Flex/ABD into scapular plane, forcibly to endpoint+ Pain

Impingement Syndrome Test: Hawkins Kenedy

pt seatedPassively Flex shoulder to 90 with elbow bentThen passive Int Rot (driving greater tubercle into arch)+ Pain

Speeds Test: Bicipital Tendonitis

pt sitting, RMT palps @ bicipital tendonShoulder FLEX to 90 degrees, palm upPush down on arm while pt resists with eccentric contraction+ Pain in bicipital groove

Drop Arm Test (Codman's)

pt seatedPassively ABD arm to 90, ask pt to hold therept slowly lowers arm to side in a controlled fashion+ Pain+ Inability to do it slowly= Usually superspinatus, or Rotator cuff tear

Provocative Elevation Test: Vascular Insufficiency

pt seatedElevate both arms over headpt opens/closes hands 15 times+ Tingling or Cramping

Halsteads: TOS

pt seatedFind radial pulse, extend armpt looks away and extends neck+ pulse disappears

Empty Can Test: Supraspinatus Pathologies

pt standing or seatedpt actively ABD arms to 90 degreesTherapist adds resistance+ Painpt actively bring arms into scapular planept "empties can" with Int RotTherapist adds resistance+ Pain

Yergason Test

pt sitting, arm @ side, elbow flexedStabilize elbow, resist @ wristResist while pt does SUP and LAT ROT+ Pain, and Biceps tendon will pop out of groove

Adson Test: TOS

pt seatedLocate radial pulsept looks towards test shoulder, then EXT neckTherapist laterally rotates shoulderpt takes deep breath in, Holds+ Radial pulse disappears