Religious Terms

What is someone who abandons his or her religious loyalty?

An apostate.

What is the sacred book of Hinduism called?

Bhagavad Gita

What is the highest of Hindu castes reserved for priests and spiritual leaders?


Which faith is centered around achieving enlightenment?

Buddhism - Its main tenet is: life is suffering. Through meditative practice, onecan escape Samsara (the Wheel of Suffering) and achieve a state ofNirvana.

What are the 4 books of the Gospel are known as?

The New Testament

Which religion is based on a system of codes and ethics that center around individuals understanding and fulfilling their roles within society?


A person who accepts and assists in the spreading of doctrines of another is called?


What is a heathen?

An unconverted person who does not believe in God.

Which polythestic religion, based in South Asia, is known for use of the caste system.


What is an infidel?

An unbeliver in respect to a particular religion.

Which monothestic religion is based around worshop of Allah?


Where are Islam's holy cities?

Mecca and Medina

Who was the founder of a strict protestant faith that is centered around the idea of predestination?

John Calvin

Which monothestic religion is based on the Torah and Talmud texts?


Which religion worships Yahweh or Jehovah?


Where did Luther post the 95 Theses?

Wittenberg, Germany

What is a pagan?

A follower of a polythestic religion.

What is a tower erected as a temple or memorial in the Far East known as?

A pagoda.

What is the lowest or "untouchables" class known as in Hindu faith?


Where did Presbyterianism originate?


What is the belief that a salvation is determined before birth?


What does it mean to proselytize?

To attempt to convert others to a faith or religion.

What is the name of the Japanese religion based on sun gods and emperor worship?


Which religion was founded by Lao-tzu?


Which pantheistic religion focuses on principles that allow people to live in harmony with nature?