Personality Disorders

Borderline Personality Disorder

instability in mood, self-image, interpersonal behaviourself-harmintense angerchronic emptinessunstable identity

Paranoid Personality Disorder

Pervasive, unwarranted suspiciousnessmistrust of others hypersensitive aloofhypervigilant over critical coldrigid

Schizoid Personality Disorder

defect in capacity to form social relationships"loners"coldaloofexcessive daydreaming

Schizotypal PD

cold, aloof lonersBUT, addmagical thinkingodd metaphorical speechoccassional ideas of referencesocial anxiety

Histrionic PD

overly dramaticdraws attention to selfminor stimuli lead to irrational angry outburstscraves noveltyquickly boredegocentricvainshallow relationshipsmanipulative suicide gestures

Narcissitic PD

grandiose sense of self importancefantasies of unlimited succesneed for constant adorationentitlesno empathyrage if crossed

Antisocial PD

unlawfulnessviolates rights of otherslying stealing truancydelinquencyunable to maintain jobs or relationships

Avoidant PD

hypersensitive to potential rejection or shamesocial w/drawal in spite of need for affectionlow self esteemavoid conflict

Compulsive PD

inability to be warmperfectionist but fails to grasp big pictureinsists others submit to his wayindecisiveexcessive devotion to workvery tidy

Dependent PD

individual passively allows others to make their decisionssubordinates own needs. 'doormat'

Passive-aggressive PD

resistance to demands for adequate perfomance expressed indirectlypersisten ineffectivenessprocrastinationdawdling