Which type of capillaries are found in muscles


Which type of capillary is found in GIT


Which type of capillary is found in the kidney glomerous


What type of capillaries are found in endocrine glands

Sinusoidal (fenestrated)

Post capillary venuoles are found in

Lymphoid Organs

Layers of the heart ( inner -> outter)

Endocardium (endothelium, inner/outter subendothelium)MyocardiumEpicardiumPercardium (visceral/parietal)

Fibrous Triange is composed of:

Pigs & Cats= dense irregDogs= fibrocartHorse= hyaline cartL. Ruminants= bone

Most common heart Dz in vet med


What is located in the Myocardium

cardiac mmSA/AV nodesPurkinje fibersCardiac skeleton

Arteries have a _____ lumen and _____ wall, relative to veins

Smaller LumenThicker Wall

Valves are present in:

VeinsLymph Vessels

Arterovenous Anastomoses are present in (5):

SkinLipsIntestineNasal MucosaRepro Tracts

Smallest type of BV:

Capillaries and sinusoids

Distinctive characteristic os Elastic Arteries:

Thick Tunica intima w/ elastic fibersTunica media has concentrically arranged, fenestrted elastic laminae

Distinctive characteristic of muscular arteries:

Smooth muscle cells

Cardiac Skeleton consists of

Fibrous RingsFibrous TriangleFibrous part of Inventricular Septum

Fibrous Rings are located around

AV openingsAorta Pulmonary Trunk

Fibrous Triangle is located...

in the space btw the AV opening and base of the aorta

Fibrous part of cardiac skeleton in located in the...

interventricular septum

Capillaries are composed of (4)

EndotheliumBasal membraneCTPericytesNO DEFINITIVE LAYERS

Transcytotic vesicles are found in which type of capillary


Functions of Arteriovenous Anastomoses