Neurophys lecture 3

Hippocampal formation mainly deals with __________


Amygdala mainly deals with______________

Taste aversion, fear

Folds of the cerebellum are known as _______________


What structures link the L and R Hemispheres?

Corpus CallosumAnt CommisurePost Commisure

_____________ is the primary taste region of the brain

Insula cortex deep to the lateral sulcus

______________ is the primary auditory region of the brain

Transverse temporal gyrus

____________ is the primary visual cortex of the brain

Calcarine Sulcus

_______, _________, and __________ are the principal structures that make up basal ganglia

Caudate nucleusPutamenGlobus pallidus

The _____________ circuit is involved with motor control

Basal Ganglia

__________, _____________, ____________, and ____________ compose the limbic system

Hippocampal formation, cingulate gyrus, amygdala, Mammillary bodies

__________ is a set of interconnected structures involved with emotions and the processing of some types of memory.

Limbic System

Diencephalon is composed of ?

Thalamus, Hypothalamus, and associated pituitary gland

Thalamus is composed of ?

20 Nuclei that projects into a specific cerebral area.

The Thalamus recieves input from ?

each sensory system

The Thalamus acts as a what?

a gateway for sensory info traveling to the cerebral cortex.

Hypothalamus controls what?

Body's production of hormones by interacting with the pituitary gland

Tectum is

the roof of the midbrain

____________ and ___________ make up the Tectum

Superior and inferior colliculi

Colliculi function:

Process sensory input and produce movement related to sensory input..... EX hear a sound and look to see what it is

Pons forms the ___________ of the __________.

Floor of the 4th ventricle

The ___________ is the floor of the midbrain


Within the Midbrain is the _________________ which is involved in controlling limb movements.

Red nucleus

Reticular formation is important why?

Sleep, arousal c cole's mom, muscle tone and movement during sleep.

Substania Nigra

deteriorates c parkinsons diseasecontains major dopamine nuclei

_____________ surrounds the cerebral aqueduct and is sensitive to ___________

Periaqueductal grey area , opiates

Where does the Olive's sit?

L & R side Lateral to the pyramidal tract of the medulla oblongata....... Colonel Sanders is Wrong

______________ is the spot where axons cross in the medulla

Pyramidal decussation

The pyramids of the medulla and separated by

Anterior midline fissure

Vermis is ?

a narrow portion (centrally located) of the cerebellum

Spinocerebellum consists of ?

Vermis and intermediate hemispheres

Cerbrocerebellum consists of ?

Lateral hemisphere

Vestibulo-cerebellum consists of

floculo-nodular lobe

Spinocerebellum's function is?

Control of limbs and trunk

Cerebrocerebellum's function is?

planning of movement

Floculo-nodular lobe's function?

Control of eye and head movement and balance

Cerebellar function is?

Comparison of intent and action (errors) and generates corrective signalsMotor learning and adaption