Cranial bones: Clockwise order from frontal bone

Frontal boneGreater wing (sphenoid bone)PterionCoronal sutureParietal boneSquamous part of temporal boneExternal acoustic meatusLambdoid SutureOccipital Bone

Think Clockwise kids. #1 is the auriculotemporal nerve

auriculotemporal nervesuperior parotid lymph nodeslobuletragusexternal acoustic poreexternal acoustic meatusAuricleTemporalis muscle and fasciaMalleusincusepitympanic recesstympanic membranestapessemicircular canalsvestibular nervefacial nervecochlear nervevestibulocochlear nerveinternal acoustic meatuscochleatympanic cavitypharyngotympanic tubeparotid gland

Start with epitympanic recess and go clockwise

epitympanic recessmalleusincusstapestensor tympani musclepharyngotympanic tubetympanic cavitytympanic membraneosseous external acoustic meatus cartilaginous external acoustic meatus

Clockwise from umbo

umbocone of lightmanubrium of malleuspars tensalong limb of incuspars flaccidalateral process of malleus

Start with stapes in oval window (given)

lateral process of malleustendon of tensor tympani m. manubrium of malleusfossa of round (cochlear) windowtendon of stapedius musclechorda tympani nervelong limb of incus

clockwise starting with internal carotid artery

internal carotid arteryauditory tubetympanic membranemanubrium of malleustensor tympani musclechorda tympani nerveepitympanic recesshead of malleuslong limb of incuschorda tympani nervefacial nerve

Clockwise from jugular fossa (given)

facial nerve in stylomastoid foramenfossa of round windowmastoid cellschorda tympani nervebase of stapes in fossa of oval windowmastoid antrumprominence of facial canalgeniculum of facial nervegreater petrosal nervetensor tympani muscleauditory tube

What forms the anterior wall of the tympanic cavity?

Carotid artery

Go clockwise from inferior nasal concha (w/o including it or the inferior nasal meatus)

middle nasal conchasuperior nasal meatussuperior nasal conchafrontal sinussphenoethmoidal recessopening of spenoidal sinushypophysis in sella turcicasphenoidal sinuspharyngeal tonsilchoanaopening of pharyngotympanci tubemiddle nasal meatushorizontal plate of palatine bone

go clockwise from vestibulocochlear nerve. dont include given parts.

greater petrosal nervefacial canaltympanic cavitychorda tympani nervehead of malleusincusampulla of superior semicircular ductubiclesacculeinternal acoustic meatus

Where does the sound lateralize during the weber test in regards to a conductive hearing loss?

Bad ear

What result of a Rinne test would indicate sensorineural hearing loss?

Air>bone, but less than 2:1

Name traits of central positional vertigo:

CN VIII lesionRomberg test + vertical nystagmusno delayno adaptation

start with anterior cranial fossa and go clockwise

anterior cranial fossamiddle cranial fossaposterior cranial fossagroove for transverse sinusgroove for sigmoid sinussquamous part of temporal bone

Go down from superior orbital fissure and name what goes through the hole specified.

superior orbital fissure: lacrimal, frontal, and nasociliary brances of ophthalmic nerve V1Foramen rotundum: Maxillary nerve V2 Foramen ovale: Mandibular nerve V3Foramen spinosum: Middle meningeal artery and veinCarotid canal: internal carotid arteryInternal acoustic meatus: facial and vestibulocochlear nerveJugular foramen: sigmoid sinus

branches and muscles

1. temporal branches: orbicularis oculi, frontalis, temporalis2. zygomatic branches: orbicularis oculi, zygomaticus major and minor3. cervical branch4. marginal mandibular branch5. buccal branches: buccinator, 6. parotid duct7. main trunk of facial nerve emerging from stlyomastoid foramen

start at inferior alveolar nerve and go clockwise

inferior alveolar nervemandibular nervemental nervesuperior alveolar branches of infraorbital nerveinfraorbital nervemaxillary nerve (V2)infratrochlear nervesupratrochlear nerveophthalmic nervetrigeminal nerve (V) ganglion and nucleiprincipal sensory nucleus


1. pharyngeal tonsil2. retropharyngeal3. palatine tonsil4. jugulo digastric5. submental6. submandibular7. infrahyoid8. jugulo-omohyoid9. internal jugular vein10. jugular lymphatic trunk11. brachiocephalic vein12. deep cervical13. facial vein14. lymph vessel15. buccal16. submental17. submandibular18. jugulo-omohyoid19. parotid20. occipital21. retroauricular22. deep cervical23. superficial cervical24. external jugular vein25. subclavian vein