E&I Unit 1: Acute Care

Name at least 5 places PT's can work

-Hospitals-Skilled nursing facility-In-patient rehab facilities-Sub acute facilities-Assisted living facilities-Home-School system-Out-patient

3 Types of Hospitals and levels they treat

Large teaching/university hospitals - Level ICommunity Hospitals - Level II or IIISmall hospitals/rural - Level III

Name at least 7 individuals that can work in a hospital with PT's

-Physician-Hospitalist-PA's-Nurse Practitioner-Pharmacist-Primary Nurse-Charge RN-Case Manager-Social Worker-Certified nurse assistant-Secretary-Utilization Review-Respiratory Therapist-Occupational Therapist-Speech Therapist

Gorals of Acute Care PT

-Mobilize-Education-DC planning-EBP-Assess effectiveness of medications and surgeries-Assess for referrals

Name 7 effects of bed rest

? exercise tolerance? cardiac output? heart ratevenous pooling? blood volume? red blood cellsatrophy? DVT risk? bone density? lung volumes? risk pulmonary emboli? anxiety, agitation, depression, delirium