Adv 300 exam 4


the placement pattern of advertisements in a media schedule(Media)

Continuous Scheduling

a type of media scheduling strategy that involves a pattern placement of ads at a steady rate over a period of time(Media)


a media scheduling strategy that involves a period of heavy advertising (~2wks), followed by a period of no advertising, then another period of heavy advertising(Media)


a media scheduling strategy that combines both continuous and flashing patterns of placement, by having continuous advertisements with periods that are heavier than flighting. (good for items sold all year round, like CLOTHING)(Media)

Context Effects

the way in which an ad is perceived because of the context of the media during its presentation. "ad impressions)(ie: an axe body wash commercial during Sesame street showtime)(Media)

Media Buying

securing the electronic media time and print media space specified by the schedule(getting the space you need for your ad according to your schedule)(Media)

Agency of Records

The ad agency chosen by the advertisers to be in charge of purchasing time and space. Coordinates media discounts and negotiates all contracts for time and space.(Media)

Up fronts

period when tv networks reveal their fall line-ups and begin to presell ad space(Media)

Media Buying Service

An independent organization that specializes in buying large blocks of media time and space and reselling it to advertisers.(Media)

Rate Card

Contains the information on costs, closing times (deadline for ad submission), specifications for submitting ads and special pages/features available in the newspaper(Newspaper)

Column inch

unit of measurement (1" deep X 1" wide), each column is 2.5 inches (Newspaper)

Standard Advertising Unit (SAU)

Most newspapers have adopted this system for selling ad space, which defines unit sizes for ads(Newspaper)

Run-of-Paper aka Run-of-Press (ROP)

When an advertiser buys space on the basis that the ad may appear anywhere/on any page(Newspaper)

Preferred Position

purchasable placement of ad in NP (pricier than ROP), ad placed in advertiser specified location(Newspaper)

Full Position

Purchasable placement of ad in NP, places the ad near the top of the page or among editorial material.(Newspaper)


# of NPs distributed daily or weekly depending on times published (Measuring NP audience)


measurement of circulation Xs the # of readers of a copy (Measuring NP audience)

Paid Circulation

reports the # of NPs sold through subscription and newsstands (Measuring NP audience)

Controlled Circulation

# of copies of NP that is given away for free (Measuring NP audience)


an agreement from an advertiser to pay for the production of a tv program/series and to pay for most of the advertising during the program(ie: ATT and IBM usually sponsor sporting events, Hallmark sponsors dramatic series)(Buying procedures for TV ads)


when diff. advertisers agree to purchase commercial time during a specific tv program, no single advertiser has the responsibility to pay for the production or commitment beyond contracted time(Buying procedures for TV ads)

Spot Advertising

local tv station ad time, allows for advertisers to make adjustments to ads to fit specific markets or intensify media schedule in competitive ones (ie: car dealerships, furniture stores, restaurants)(Buying procedures for TV ads)

Media lecture examples

Outdoor billboards 3D forms and extensions �McD�s salads, Makers Mark with TruckOutdoor Digital � times squareOutdoor Mobile Billboards � fedex with UPS, Denver waterOutdoor Street Furniture �NewcastleBeer, DenverWater Transit Outside posters bus � career builder,canoe, clothing Outside posters subway and rail - altoidschew chew Outside posters taxis � snickers, lancomeon UKcab Inside cards subway � western themedinside wrap for deadwood series Inside digital cards in taxis � showedexample and discussed Transit Station, Platform and Terminal � target,star wars Mini Cooper � Car that knows about non traditional media(i.e. support media, outdoor billboards, digital, 3d)

Digital lecture examples he showed how this was instant and all about the right NOW, how sprint usesthis to show they are instant/up to date etc. talks about everything - showed a video (which i can't find) aboutthis new technology. from what i remember, i think it was a sort of glove thingthat acted like a camera and more from common hand gestures. if you mimedtaking a picture it would snap a picture and you could open them up for viewinglater - projected on the wall.1) HBO VoyeurFirst cool and digital ad, agency: Big Spaceship,showcased HBO's abilitity to tell stories3)Comcast Town4) Coraline Movie Movie experince re-created on the web5)Samsung

Personal selling

A seller�s promotional presentationconducted on a person to person basis with the buyer.Seeking out peopleAssisting them to recognize existence ofneedsDemonstrating how your offer fills theneedPersuading prospects that your productwill fill their needsIncludes: face to face, telemarketing,video conferencing

Sales Promotion

Designed to stimulate consumer purchasingand dealer effectivenessProvides short-term incentive to assist,supplement or support objectives of promotional program.Trade / ConsumerIncludes: coupons, sweepstakes, events,samples

Direct Marketing:

Direct communication to consumer orbusiness designed to�Generate response in form of orderGet them to request moreinformationGenerate traffic to store, website

Public relations

Communications and relationships tovarious publicsPublics include�Customers, suppliers, stockholders,employees, gov�t, general public, media, other organizations etcPublicity as a part of PR

Guerilla Marketing

Innovative, low cost ways to reach markets.Unorthodox, captures your attention-methods.-designed to provoke-ex: mobileoffice, st furniture

Branded entertainment examples

Product placement - prop (used as a prop)Product integration � product integrated or 'blended' into programcontent, script or program (G1 mobile phone on Gossip girl)Product as storyteller � original content (BMW films)Product as story � franchise property (Transformers-GeneralMotors (Transformers used GM to advertise), FedEx Cup (golf tournament, showedcommercials about the event), FedEx Wizard of Oz (showed that FedEx can deliveranywhere, showed how FedEx used movie for advertisement)


Popup ads


measure of data transmission (ie: modem)

*Corporate Image Advertising

: focus onenhancing overall image of a firm among important constituents--typicallycustomers, employees, and the general public; goal is to enhance overall imageof the firm -Examples:IBM promoting itself as firm providing "Solutions for a smallplanet"; Toyota using slogan "Investing in the things we all careabout"; Bristol-Myers Squibb touting life-saving impact of its high-techline of pharmaceuticals; BP and series of TV and print ads that featured realpeople out on the street candidly answering questsions about environment,pollution, and natural resources; PPG Industries undertook image campaign topromote public identity

Advocacy Advertising

attempts toestablish an organization's position on important social or political issues;attempts to influence public opinion on issues of concern to a firm; typically,the issue featured is directly relevant to the business operations of theorganization -Examples:1990's Phillips Petroleum links commitment to birds to it efforts to reducesulfur in gasoline

Cause-Related Advertising

:features a firm'saffiliation with an important social or societal cause; goal can be toenhance image of firm by associating it with important social issues -Examples:reducing poverty, increasing literacy, conserving energy, protectingenvironment, curbing drug abuse -Anheuser-Buschpromoting control of teenage drinking; Promo Magazine providing list oforganizations; Eddie Bauer and Crystal Geyser (American Forests' ReleafProgram); Campbell's Soup, Avon, Yoplait (breast cancer cure); Home Depot("Use Water Wisely"); Nick at Nite (National Family Dinner Day)

Green Marketing

most popular;refers to corporate efforts that embrace a cause or a program in support of theenvironment -Examples: Shoe boxes made fromrecycled materials; General Electric and "Ecomagination