bible exam 4

Those chosen to accompany Paul to Jerusalem with the collection were selected by lot?T or FTrue False


One main lesson we can all learn from the sacrificial contribution to the collection many made is to...

Be generous ourselves

Paul's ministry in Macedonia began with...

A vision while in Troas

Paul's "theology of work" is...

Share with those in need

The author describes the reception of the famous Dio Chrysostom in a peasant village after he was...


Paul not only intended that the collection would help the poor Christians in Jerusalem, but also...

Promote unity between Jewish and Gentile ChristansStrengthen his Gentile mission(both A and B)

One of Paul's favortie words for Christians, according to the author, is...


Roughly ___% of the populace in the first century lived at or below the subsistence level


Economically, Paul described the Macedonian churches as...

extremely poor

Although equality is heralded in western nations in particular, it was virtually unheard of in Paul's time?T or FTrue False


The author of your textbook says that the Corinthian church was, as a whole, affluent?T or FTrue False


The goddess of agriculture and grain was especially popular among...

The poor

This member of the Corinthian church had a house big enough to accommodate all the Corinthian house churches at one time...


The daughter of the goddess of grain, agriculture, and bountiful harvests was named ___ and had a temple dedicated both to her and her mother.


The local economy of Corinth was agriculturally based?T or FTrue False


The author of your textbook redefines tithing (the giving of 10%) to mean giving "in general" to support the work of the church?T or FTrue False


Phoebe was...

A deaconess

The goddess of grain, agriculture adn harvest was...


Chloe sent servants or family members to...


The Corinthian church was wealthier than the Macedonian congregation?T or FTrue False


The Romans were particularly adept at ___ during war

Siege tactics

Paul's opponents said that while he was a powerful speaker, his letters were weak?T or FTrue False


One 2nd century description of Paul says he had...

A small stature

In chapter 10-13 Paul focuses on...

Jewish-Christian opponents from outside

Ballista" is another name for...

Large stones

Although Paul was bothered by Sophists in other places, evidently they were no problem in Corinth?T or FTrue False


Manual labor was not held in high honor in antiquity?T or FTrue False


Paul uses war imagery just as does the...

Stoics and Cynics(both B and C)

God-fearers were Gentile converts to Judaism?T or FTrue False


One of the most prominent images of Jesus in the New Testament, as well as in the later literature, is that of the...


Paul usually booked passage on merchant ships since passenger ships did not exist in his day?T or FTrue False


The Odeum at Corinth was donated by a wealthy...


The Roman "lictors" used rode made of ___ to beat their prisoners.


From what we know about the opponents at Corinth they are...

JewishClaiming to be apostlesRelishing oratory(all of the above)

Paul pictures himself as the "Father of the bride"?T or FTrue False


Paul condemns boasting by his opponents but ultimately has to resort to it himself?T or FTrue False


The average Roman pagan would have been familiar with the major characters and stories in Jewish scriptures?T or FTrue False


The Cynic philosophers had a reputation for kindness and tact when advancing their views?T or FTrue False


Part of the problem in Corinth is that Paul is being compared to polished, professional orators and found to be inadequate?T or FTrue False


For Paul to refuse financial support from the Corinthians was the same as...

Rejecting their friendship

Paul says that he had a special religious experience and it happened ___ years before.


After Paul went to the 3rd heaven, he described what he saw in extremely full detail?T or FTrue False


The author of the text says that Paul's "thorn in the flesh" was epilepsy?T or FTrue False


Jewish literature refers not only to 1, 3, 5, and 7 heavens but also to as many as ___ heavens.


The term "super-apostles" refers to...

Paul's opponents in Corinth

Some at Corinth thought Paul was stealing some of the funds he was collecting for Jerusalem?T or FTrue False


Paul's key affirmation in 2nd Corinthians that crystallizes the argument in chapters 10-13 is the paradox that...

God works best through suffering and weakness

The author says that all of the items in Paul's "vice list" were taking place in Corinth?T or FTrue False


Paul is preparing to make another visit to Corinth. It will be his ___ visit.


Evidently, Paul did not do any "miraculous deeds" in Corinth although he did in other places?T or FTrue False


About a generation after Paul's Corinthian letters, ___ wrote to the Corinthian church about some of the same problems Paul did.


The author says that those crucified did not die from the wounds inflicted during the process, but from "exhaustion or suffocation"?T or FTrue False


The half-mortal, half-divine mythic hero named ___ descended to the underworld and brought back a watchdog named Cerberus.


According to the author, crucified victims were nailed to the cross through their wrists?T or FTrue False


An old farmer, after meeting a friend in the city, learned after being laughed at by bystanders that...

they do not kiss (even old friends) in the city

Roman citizens were regularly crucified, especially those who had cheated in the business deals?T or FTrue False


Paul has a fully developed, fully fleshed out doctrin of the Trinity in 2 Corinthians?T or FTrue False


The idea of having two or three witnesses as Paul advised (when he comes back to Corinth) is based on the pagan principle of "fair and balanced" lawsuits?T or FTrue False

Falsebased on OT law

Anyone in Paul's day who claimed to be a "spokesman for the divine" was expected to be...

an orator

Recently, archaeologists found the ___ of a crucified man near Jerusalem.

heel bone