CA-Microsoft Word

Word wrap

moves words to the next line if they do not fit on the current line.

hard return

A ____ ____ is created when you press Enter to move the insertion point to a new line.

soft return

A ____ ____ is created by the word processor as it wraps text to a new line.

toggle switch

The ____ ____ is a device that causes the computer to alternate between two states.

Show/Hide feature

The ____ ____ reveals where formatting marks such as spaces, tabs, and returns are used in the document.


The ____ ____feature substitutes a predefined item for specific text but only when the user initiates it.

Building Blocks

____ ____ are document components used frequently, such as disclaimers, company addresses, or a cover page.

Print Layout

____ ____ view is the default view and closely resembles the printed document.

Full Screen Reading

____ ____ ____ view eliminates tabs and makes it easier to read your document.

Draft view

____ ____ shows a simplified work area, removing white space and other elements from view.

Outline view

The ____ ____ displays a structural view of the document that can be collapsed or expanded.

Web Layout view

The ____ ____ ____is used when creating a Web page.

Mini toolbar

The ____ ____ contains frequently used formatting commands and displays when you select text.


____ are the amount of white space around the top, bottom, left, and right edges of the page.


____ orientation positions text parallel with the short side of the page.


____ orientation positions text parallel with the long side of the page.

soft page break

A ____ ____ ____ is inserted when text fills an entire page, then continues on the next page.

hard page break

A ____ ____ ____ forces the next part of a document to begin on a new page.


A ____ is information printed at the top of document pages.


A ____ is information printed at the bottom of document pages.

section break

A ____ ____ is a marker that divides a document into sections, thereby allowing different formatting in each section.


A ____ search matches not only the text but also the use of upper- and lowercase letters.


A ____ search finds a word regardless of any capitalization used.

Selective replacement

____ ____ lets you decide whether to replace text.

Automatic replacement

____ ____ makes a substitution automatically.

Spelling and Grammar

The ____ ____ ____ feature looks for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, writing style, and word usage.

Compatibility Checker

The ____ ____ looks for features that are not supported by previous versions of Word.

Document Inspector

The ____ ____ checks for and removes different kinds of hidden and personal information from a document.