Bible Exam 1

The geographer Strabo provides several of the earliest descrptions of the Roman colony at Corinth?T or FTrue False


The Greek word for church, ekklesia, derives from what sphere?


Cephas is the Aramaic name for ___


The god associated with the sea and earthquake was...


Paul said that the Jews demand signs and that the Greeks look for...


This temple has a thousand temple-slaves and courtesans...


In Paul's time the basic culture of corinth was mainly GreekTrue False


The problem of division in the Corinthian church was first made known to Paul by...

Those of Chloe

Paul's work in Corinth led to the conversion of the poor and non of the elite of Corinthian society accepted the gospel?T or FTrue False


Corinth was destroyed by the Romans and rebuilt by...

Julius Caesar

Paul followed the same strategy at Corinth as other public speakers?T or FTrue False


The "Father of ancient rhetoric" was...


According to Paul, Christian preachers should not use persuasion in winning people over to Christ?T or FTrue False


Which of the following words was especially loved by the Corinthians?


Public speaking or oratory had little to do with the issues lying behind 1st Corinthians?T or FTrue False


Evidently, Paul's preaching style was favored by the Corinthians?T or FTrue False


When public speakers -- sophists and orators -- arrived in an ancient city they usually tried to divert attention away from themselves?T or FTrue False


Paul says that he came to the Corinthians with a great deal of self-confidence and boldness?T or FTrue False


Paul rarely changes or adapts the words of the OT and usually gives a precise citation of the OT texts?T or FTrue False


The phrase "we speak" was used by Paul three times in this chapter to underline...

His authority

Paul sent Timothy and ___ to Macedonia.


The word "diakonos" is a favorite word of Paul meaning...


Master of the Universe" was another name for...

the Emperor

The "oikonomos" was a person who...

Took care of the property of an absentee landlord

The person who accompanied children of wealthy families to school was called a...


Generally physical labor, working with the hands, was appreciated by the social elite in Corinth?T or FTrue False


The deity Cybele was worshipped not in human form but in the form of a...


Paul says the Corinthians should imitate...


The author of your text thinks it is OK in modern society to view ministers as "employees" rather than as servants?T or FTrue False


Professional orators in the ancient world rarely got rich or had high status?T or FTrue False


Paul nails down his advice about the situation in chapter 5 by appealing to...

The Law of Moses

The statement "handing the man over to Satan" probably means that...

He would be disfellowshipped

Sexual relationships between a man and his stepmother were forbidden by Jewish law, but not by Roman law?T or FTrue False


The Corinthian Christians thought that Paul wanted them to cut themselves off from the world?T or FTrue False


It is strongly suggested that the man involved in the sexual case in chapter 5 was...

The patron of the church

The Greek word "porneia" is associated with prostitution but can include homosexual acts?T or FTrue False


Paul does not want the Corinthian church to settle the problem of sexual immorality in the church but insists on dealing with it himself?T or FTrue False


The reference to "leaven" has to do with...

Evil permeating the church

People at Corinth who were disfellowshipped could eat common meals with other Christians but not the Lord's Supper?T or FTrue False


Paul forbids association with...

Sexually immoral people

In Roman Corinth, criminal cases were heard by...

The governor

Paul condemns as sinful both homosexual and heterosexual sins?T or FTrue False


Paul steers away from "shaming" the Corinthians?T or FTrue False


The disputes between the Corinthian Christians were apparently more of the civil type than the criminal?T or FTrue False


There is no hint from Paul that the judicial system in Corinth was corrupt?T or FTrue False


The word "ekklesia" translated "church" was the same term used for...

Political or secular gatherings

Platonic philosophy essentially...

separated the soul from the body

Roman law allowed people from the lower classes to take their "superiors" to court?T or FTrue False


Roman law allowed homosexual acts under any circumstances without penalty?T or FTrue False


Paul says that the Christian's body is..

A temple of the Holy Spirit