Where the beginning of the Civil War started because Confederate troops attacked and caused the surrender of the Union fort.

Fort Sumter, SC

What was the first major battle of the war won by the Confederacy?

Bull Run, VA

Where was the southern army attacked on Union soil, but the battle was a tie?

Antietam, MD

Where the Union troops won the battle and gained control of the Mississippi River splitting the Confederacy into two parts was called?

Vicksburg, MS

Where the confederate victory that caused Lee to invade the Union?

Chancellors, VA

Where was the u?nion victory in which thousands of soldiers were killed????

Gettysburg, PA

What was the Anaconda Plan?

Blockade Southern ports to stop the import and export of supplies and cotton and take control of the Mississippi River which would split the South into two parts.

Battle Plan for the North was called?

Anaconda Plan

What was the battle plan for the South?

Keep the North from invading their land and get Britain and France to help them fight against the North

What advantages did the North have for battle?

factories, railroad system, and strong navy

What advantages did the South have for battle?

strong military leaders and troops experienced at outdoor living