chapter 43-48

World War II resulted in a significant shift in population to where?

South West mostly in the West

What did the Stimson Doctrine do?

it didn't take changes brought on by the war

What did the establishment of NATO do?

alliance with western europe to protect from communist counter points, "warsaw point" peace time in history, started the new phase in cold war

Richard Nixon's alleged deviousness earned him which unattractive nickname?

tricky dicky

What did the Neutrality Acts of 1935-1937 do?

Ban arms sales, cash & carry non-military sales. no exceptions for victums of war.

The industrialist who mass-produced ships during World War II was whom?


Why did cities become less livable during the 1950s?

middle class moved to the suburbs and causing all of the shops and companies to move as well close to there buyers the middle class

What occurred in the first few months after America entered the war?

Japaneese distraction

Which of the following are true of the Good Neighbor Policy?

representation of the Monroe's Doctrine

Why were Japanese Americans interned in "concentration camps"?

reflected invasion

Which of the following was not a part of how social critics described suburban life?

conformist, superficial and bland

At the Yalta Conference, President Roosevelt's concessions to Premier Stalin are most reasonably described as what?

realistic-he could do whatever he wanted in Eastern Europe. The US was too far away and he got soviets involved to gain whatever he wanted .

President Roosevelt belived that democratic goverment in Eastern Europe was compatible with Stalin's demand that

Boarders of Russia were not to be threated but to be friendly

Who was the senator from Wisconsin who became a national figure when he claimed that the State Department had been infiltrated by Communists?

Josphe Macarthy would smear with lies to everyone and anyone who was against him, he would suggest that they were involved in communisim

Which of the following is/are true of the Atlantic Charter?

Agreement between Churchhill & Roosevelt. It set WWII, it supported with wilson's 14 ponts all before the US entered war

Of what was Alger Hiss convicted?

Purgery-lied about being a communist

Which of the following are the great legacies or results of the Second World War?

Showed human crulity & war with soviet union & us started as a result