Greek Final

What is the distinguishing mark of a Greeksubjunctive?

Mood Probability. (wn)

What are six uses of the subjunctive?

1. Oratory (1 st person Plural)2. Deliberate Question3.Used in subordinate clause (that)4. Prohibition (un)5. Conditional (if)6. Indefinite or General (uv) (ever)7. Used with clause of fury (I fear)

What does mh mean in a clause of fearing?

State what is feared

What does it mean if a clause is indefinite orgeneral?

reference or time (av+ the subjunctive)

How does Greek indicate that a clause is indefinite?

av + the subjunctive

What is an indirect statement?

Dependent clause which becomes direct object of leading verbs.

What is a leading statement? What are examples of aleading verb?

Thinking/Believing (Pisteou)Hoping (to hear) (elpizo)Percieve (akuow)Knowing (oida)Saying (lego, eipon)

What types of verbs can be main verbs or simplepredicates in indirect speech?

Leading Verbs:Thinking/Believing (pisteuo)Hoping (to hear) (Elpizo)Percieve (Akuow)Knowing (Oida)Saying (lego, eipon)

What cases can be the subject of an indirectstatement?

Nominative and Accusative

What is an articular infinitive?

Verbal NounFormed by neuter definite article + infinitive.

What is the distinguishing mark of a Greek optative?

Verb of wishes, probability (Look for dipthongs, oi, w)

What are three uses of the optative?

1. Alternative to subjunctive2. Indefinite or general clause without (av)3. Alternative to indicative mood in indirect statements.

What is a simple condition?

1. Simple condition is "no idea"2. Remote condition is "no way" to spot look for "av

How is a contrary to fact condition formed?


What is an adverbial accusative and how is it formed?

Neuter accusative of adjective

What is an accusative absolute?

Used with participles of impersonal verbsi.e. dei, dokei, exesti(v)

What is an accusative of respect?

with respect to"The superlative adverb is the neuter accusative plural of the superlative adjective.