What three forces affect air movement?

Pressure gradient force(from hight to low)Coriolis effect(air deflected)Friction

What are the four atmospheric lifting mechanisms?

ConvergenceConvectionOrographic liftingFrontal liftingBring air to saturation.

What conditions are necessary in order for thunderstorms to form?


What happens during El-Nino?

Easterly trade winds reverse. In the Pacific Ocean upwelling is suppressed.Dry conditions over northern Australia. Wet conditions over South America.Famine, flooding, drought occur.

What kind of conditions prevail over West and East coasts?

East coast- more precipitation because of the presence of warm water currents.West coast - dry because of the presence of cold water currents.

What are the three common cloud types?


What is the energy balance equation?

SW? - SW? - LW? + LW? = S + L + G + MS = sensible heat fluxL = latent heat flux(evaporation)G = ground heat fluxM = metabolic heat flux(photosynthesis)