Patho 3

Anatomy of nephron

Glomerulus within Bowman's capsuleProximal convoluted tubuleLoop of HenleDistal convoluted tubule(approximately 1 million nephrons in kidney)

Specific functions of nephron

Filtration - glomerular capillariesSecretion - tubules and peritubular capillariesReabsorption - tubules and peritubular capillariesExcretion - collecting duct

Primary functions of kidney

Waste removalFluid and electrolyte balance maintenanceAcid-base balanceHormone and autocoid secretionBP regulation

Blood flow to kidneys accounts for what percentage of cardiac output?(p.5)

25%4-6 L/min

What is normal GFR/minute?(p.2-3)

110 mL/min = average90 - 130 mL/min

What is normal GFR/hour?

6600 mL/hr

What is normal GFR/day?

158 L/day

What is blood threshold for appearance of glucose in urine? (p.5)

180 mg/dL