Protein structure (1-4)

1 (Primary)N-C-C-N-C-C

-the sequence of amino acids (ala thr set tyr his gly)-the N-C-C backbone-the level held together entirely by strong forces-the strand that indicated the path of the bonded chains

2 (Secondary)________

-beta-sheet-held together by repeating patterns of hydrogen bonds which are roughly perpendicular to the chain axis-alpha-helix-regularly placed hydrogen bonds within the same chain (perpendic intramolecular h-bonds)-regular patterns that show up clearly in x-ray crystallographic analysis

3 (Tertiary)

-may have some disulfide covalent bonds as cross-links-mainly caused by proline, charge attractions, charge repulsions, and weak forces-the way the polypeptide chain is folded to form a compact globular structure-the level of protein structure most responsible for the lock-and0key mechanism of enzymes-oil dropo model describes the force that cause this level-domains, which show 3d homology to comparable proteins in related species-has bits of "irregular structure" or "random chain" and "bend regions

4 (Quaternary)

-association of clustering of several globular units-the level of structre that myoglobin doesnt have-supramolecular aggregation